By Emily Evans (mom and super hot speed walker & runner)

Have you ever asked yourself “Where did my body go?” “How am I ever going to fit into these jeans again?” and the classic shocker…”I gained how much!!!”…as your holding your 7 ½ pound newborn baby.

As mom’s we sacrifice a lot for our little ones. Our time, our sleep and especially…our bodies! After recovering from childbirth from my first child, I was ready to get my pre-pregnancy body back! I wanted it back the day I left the hospital. In fact I even brought my pre pregnancy jeans to the hospital expecting myself to wear them home. Funny, I was lucky to squeeze those jeans over one leg!


When my body was healed to the point that I was ready to start running again, I tried an umbrella stroller. What was I thinking? Hunched over and that bumpy, rocky pavement…never again! So I tried a baby carrier. Needless to say, that didn’t last long, not even a few minutes, and my poor baby. Finally, in desperation, I borrowed a cheap baby jogger from a friend. It had a flat tire, steered like I was running drunk and the wheel fell off. That was it!


It was time to invest in a quality jogger that I could run in and I did! When my baby was 4 months old I ran a 5K race with baby and jogger and there was no hunching over, no feeling any bumpy, rocky pavement, and no wheels fell off during the race. This was the best purchase I have ever made to help me back into those pre pregnancy jeans, and I gotta tell you…they never looked so good.


There are many companies that make quality strollers, one of which is Chariot. The Salt Lake Running Company is currently carrying the Cheetah and Cougar models from Chariot’s Sport Series collection. The great aspect of these models is not only their lightweight and yet durable frames but the ability to add different pieces for other activities, such as cycling, hiking, and cross-country skiing. This is accomplished by adding pieces to the “chassis” based upon the desired activity. In addition, Chariot also includes a limited, lifetime guarantee to their products that creates more piece of mind. Finally, each of these models has a single and double seat option. To find out more about Chariot please visit their website at: http://www.chariotcarriers.com


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