Runner's Points shopping rewards program promo image

Fuel your passion for running! Our Runner’s Points Shopping Rewards Program lets you earn points EVERY time you shop at SLRC. All the points you earn are good for store credits, deep discounts, or free stuff at all three SLRC locations.

How do I Earn Points?

It’s easy to get your points. Every purchase made goes towards your reward. Once you reach $250 in purchases you will receive a $25 store credit. It doesn’t have to be all at once, your purchase build overtime. Everything counts: shoes, socks, gels, sport bras, apparel, etc.

How do I Redeem My Points?

Once you have earned your reward you can spend it any way you like. Go ahead and spoil yourself! Then it starts all over again and your future purchases start building for the next $25 reward!

Shop at any SLRC location and start earning points today!

Shopping rewards program explainer banner. Spend $250, get $25.