Using walking in your half marathon, marathon or triathlon training program is a huge advantage for many reasons. Even on race day, there is no shame in taking strategically planned walk breaks. Typically a walk break is about 1 minute long but can go to 2 minutes in the beginning stages of longer training. Here are some advantages of walk breaks.

  • Walking uses different muscles and biomechanics than running, which will aid in recovery.
  • Walking allows the mind to take a brief break, which provides a chance to regroup and start fresh again.
  • Walking will drop your heart rate back down into the desired training or race zones. If it doesn’t come down, you’re probably running too fast.
  • When you walk, it is much easier to get a drink along the way or grab a quick snack when you’re not gasping for air.

Make walking a part of your warm-up and cool-down every few miles. Strategically timing you breaks at aid stations is a smart idea. Your body will thank you.

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