Finding the Right Bra

This one’s for the ladies.

I can’t count the number of times I have helped a woman with shoes and heard her mention that she just can’t find a sports bra that works. I hear stories of women wearing upwards of 3 sports bras at a time to tame the girls while jogging. Ladies, I am here to tell you amazing bras do exist! Just like shoes, it’s about finding the right one for you!

First, let me educate you with some little-known bra facts. Seventy-five per cent of women are wearing the wrong size bra! If you are unsure what bra size you need, read on. I will also tell you how to measure in a bit.

Bras are made in levels of support for different kinds of activities; light impact, medium impact, and high impact. Sport bras for high-impact will typically fit tighter than lingerie bras.

Sports bras only last 6-12 months! A woman’s bra undergoes a lot of wear and tear, second only to her shoes. The old one in your drawer with elastic poking through the fabric on the straps needs to go or you could end up with way more sag than you bargained for. Breast tissue is supported by the Cooper’s Ligament. This ligament stretches with every bounce. This ligament may never fully return to its original length if it isn’t correctly supported and bounce is minimized while exercising.

Having the right size bra is the most important factor in finding the right bra and fit. If you are unsure what size you need, measure yourself or come into one of our stores and be measured. And sales associate would be happy to help you.

How to measure correctly:

1. Measure around the rib cage below breast line

  • For odd numbers below 32, add 5
  • For even number below 32, add 4
  • For odd numbers above 32, add 3
  • For odd numbers above 32, add 2

2.  Measure around the fullest part of the bust

3.  Subtract band measurement from cup measurement

  • A cup = 1 inch difference
  • B cup = 2 inch difference
  • C cup = 3 inch difference
  • D cup = 4 inches difference
  • DD cup = 5 inch difference

Getting the right fit:

If more than 2 breasts (spillage) THEN go up one cup size

IF cup wrinkles or has extra room THEN go down one cup size

IF band rides up in the back THEN go down a band size and up a cup size

IF nipple line isn’t half-way between shoulder and elbow THEN go down a band size, or shorten shoulder straps.

Remember, if you move up a band size you automatically move up a cup size. For example, a 34C is equivalent to a 32D.  If a 34C is too small in the band but perfect in the cup, move to a 36B, not a 36C. If a 34C is too small in the cup but perfect in the band move to a 34D.

Types of Bras:

There are two types of bras; compression and encapsulation. In a compression bra, breast tissue is redistributed and pressed against the chest wall to limit motion. This is often referred to as the “uniboob” and is best for women who are an A or B cup.

Encapsulation bras have cups which surround each individual breast to control 360º of breast motion. They gives support along with shape so if the ‘uniboob’ look is something you would like to avoid, this is the route you will want to go. Encapsulation bras are usually best suited for women needing a C cup size or larger.

Here are some of our favorites:

Nike Pro Bra:

  • Compression Only
  • A/B cups Only
  • Comes in many colors for fun fashion


Saucony Motion Sensor Bra:

  • Encapsulation Bra
  • B-D cups
  • Cross Back Straps
  • Hook and Eye Closure
  • Perforated Padding for air and moisture transfer


Moving Comfort Alexis Bra:

  • Encapsulation Bra
  • A-B cup size
  • Seamless Cups
  • Thin straps with adjustability


Moving Comfort Fiona Bra:

  • Encapsulation Bra
  • C-DD cups
  • Adjustable Velcro Straps
  • Hook-and-Eye Closure
  • Lingerie Back
  • America’s #1 Running Bra


Moving Comfort Juno Bra:

  • Encapsulation bra
  • C-DD cups
  • S-Café seamless cups
  • Hook & Eye Closure and Racer Back
  • Front adjust straps allow for custom fit
  • To Put On: undo straps, put on like a tube top, then do everything up


Moving Comfort Helena Bra:

  • Encapsulation Bra
  • Molded Exterior Front
  • Hook-and-Eye Closure
  • Lingerie Back
  • The triathlon bra for “Real Women”


Enell Bra:

  • For D+ cups only!
  • The “No-Bounce Bra.”
  • Uses separate sizing chart.
  • Front Closure for Easy On/Off.
  • Oprah’s Marathon Bra and “The Biggest Loser Bra”


There, now you know way more than most people about bras. Take care of your girls and they will take care of you.  Any sales associate at any of our three stores will be happy to assist you in finding your new bra.






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