Running in SLC? Let’s Map it Out.

Whether you’re a local looking for a new challenge or just visiting SLC for a short time, our Run Map calls out the best routes in the city and surrounding mountain region.

Our Favorite Routes

Now that you’ve found a place to run, access an interactive map of our top picks below.

Running in Salt Lake

It’s easy being a pedestrian on the streets of Salt Lake. Many streets have wide sidewalks and bike lanes. Autos are funneled onto certain routes while others are quiet and shady. If the street you are on is too busy, try a parallel street. Try the suggested quiet jogging roads highlighted in green or some of the amazing trails shown in brown on our map.


Salt Lake experiences all four seasons. Summers can be hot, but morning and evening runs are fine. Winters can make for cold starts but our dry air means any day is doable with proper layering.

Gear Up & Get Out

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