You’ll Fly in Comfort with the New HOKA ONE ONE TenNine

Hoka is known to propel people forward and the HOKA TenNine represents the latest step in the bold, unexpected approach to get there! With innovative new midsole geometries designed to provide extensive ground contact for a smoother, more stable cruise over any terrain. The TenNine is more than a shoe, it’s a new piece of gear that happens to go on your feet. In the TenNine, you’ll feel like you can fly! Inspired by same goal as Hoka’s original trail shoes, TenNine designed to make running downhill easier and to cruise like never before. They are like “bike shocks” but for your feet! Perfect for those who run 50-200 miles.
WARNING: TenNine’s are specially designed for trail running, so don’t wear them on stairs or while driving.
SLRC is stoked to be the only specialty retailer in Utah to carry HOKA ONE ONE Limited-Edition TenNine trail shoe! Only 3,000 pairs were made and we’ve only got 20 in-stock!

Tech Specifications:

Heel Height: 33mm
Forefoot Height: 29mm
Offset: 4mm
  • Unisex Sizing
  • Lightweight, high-abrasion-resistant mesh for protection
  • Ariaprene tongue provides comfort, breathability, and water management
  • Internal tongue wings provide foot lock-down
  • Lycra vamp adjusts fit to accommodate foot swelling over long distances
  • Heel collar pull tab provides extra support and comfort
  • Hubble geometry in midsole designed to provide a stable, smooth ride
  • Wider platform designed to maximize ground contact and provide a stable ride

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