Using technology to find the perfect fit

Stride Analysis helps us match the right pair of shoes and insoles to your feet, ensuring our recommendations are true and accurate. We do this free of charge. No appointment is necessary. We believe this results in you being happier and healthier.

What we do

Stride Analysis is the first and most important step when choosing a pair of shoes and insoles. Every SLRC Fit Specialist is trained to perform a Stride Analysis. We will record your feet as you run or walk on a treadmill. Then, we watch the video frame-by-frame and clearly explain what’s happening to your feet while in motion. From there we make suggestions for specific shoes and insoles to fit your biomechanics perfectly. The whole process takes a few minutes, but the results are noticeable.

Why it works

All of us have varying degrees of instability in our feet and shoes are designed with varying degrees of support. Our free Stride Analysis is the most effective way of matching the right support to ensure a comfortable fit, provide foot pain relief, reduce the risk of injury, and boost performance during every workout or work day. Whether you’re just starting out, have run marathons or need the best shoe for your job, we want to make sure your shoes are right for you. No appointment is necessary, so come in, learn more and see how we do it.