Tell us about your store and who you are?

Independently owned and operated, Salt Lake Running Company has grown to four locations since opening in 1995. Our local running stores serve the Salt Lake area with locations in Salt Lake City, Foothill Village, Sandy and Centerville.

SLRC is passionate about helping people live movement inspired lives and support our active community in many ways. Starting with the in-store experience, the SLRC staff is knowledgeable and extensively trained to give custom shoe fittings and assist in selecting just the right gear to help people to have their best workout. That award winning customer service is supported by free seminars, clinics, medical professional consults and vendor led events to help educate and empower people to move their bodies. If it’s a race event or training group that someone is after, we have that too!

What inspired you to open a local running store?

Guy and Debbie Perry have always had a primary interest in helping people to change their lives and improve their health. When the opportunity came to be able to own and operate a running store, it was hard to pass up. Being able to work in an environment that makes such a positive impact on people and the community is great!

What would people be surprised to learn about your store?

The original name of Salt Lake Running Company was Sporting Soles and the Perry’s were only 24 years old when they first took over the store that had been around a few years already. But, the original owner had liquidated and moved to Texas so they decided to try and resurrect it.

Debbie was pregnant with their first child when they were painting and prepping the first location on Highland Drive. She delivered a healthy baby boy, Cade, a few months later and he is currently the footwear buyer. Denver, their youngest son, is currently the SLRC events manager and race director.

How do you connect with the community and why is that so important to your business?

SLRC loves to continually connect with our community by being a positive voice of empowerment and safe space for people no matter where they meet us. That is why we love offering free seminars and events to help educate and inspire people to move and be healthy. We also support many local organizations throughout the year, especially those centered around promoting active living in many ways.  Whether it’s people with special or adaptive needs or those who want to maintain our amazing mountain trails, we desire to help where we can. Connecting and supporting where we can is an essential part of being a positive member of our community.

What kind of people shop at your store?

We see and love to see all kinds of people! It’s inspiring to help and connect with people who are just beginning their active lifestyle journey. It’s awesome to see those same people come back having reached their goals and accomplished major milestones in their life. A lot of people show up who have many great years and experiences under their belt too. But, it doesn’t end with that because we are happy to help those who are working in busy, standing work environments too. The right footwear can change their work experience for the better!

What are the benefits of shopping local?

Supporting local business in general keep the shopping dollars local too. SLRC appreciates being a part of our community’s shopping habits as we desire to support our amazing staff from the sales floor to the managers as best as we can. Giving back to local organizations that do so much for the Utah area is important to us too. People who shop local give us the resources to be able to do that.

What’s changed about the business since 1995?

Everything!! Evolving from newspaper ads to digital campaigns and the addition of online shopping about sums up the difference in technology since SLRC started. But mostly, we’ve seen the massive change in public awareness that health matters! It’s awesome and exciting to now see people of all ages and backgrounds coming in to make time to take care of themselves. When we first started, it was only the “fanatics” who were out running and going to the gym. Now it’s common and we couldn’t be happier!