The Importance of Group Running

By Katie Thomas

Every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. Salt Lake Running Co. at 2454 South and 700 E, has a free running group. We run anywhere from 3-7 miles and every ability level is invited. You can pick your own pace, and your own distance. We love to have new people so please come join us! Not sure the benefits of waking up on a Saturday to go run with some strangers? Well then, please read on…

Top 10 Benefits of Running With a Group… According to Katie

10. Socializing- When running with someone you really get to know more about them and you get to get into some great conversations.

9. Learning- It’s hard to keep on top of all the new running gear, gadgets, nutrition, etc.
Running groups are great places to discuss of the latest running trends, products or upcoming races.

8. Easier- It’s a weird phenomenon but when running next to someone the negative self talk diminishes and before you know it, you’ve climbed a hill, which when alone, seemed impossible.

7. Accountability – Along with creating friendships comes commitment to show up every week. You know they’ll give you crap if you choose to sleep in.

6. Improvement- The distance gets easier, you’re better able to control your breath, you get faster and self confidence as a runner increases.

5. Distraction- It’s a lot easier to get lost in your run when you’re carrying on a conversation. Before you know it you’ve gone 6 miles and don’t even realize it.

4. Safety – Whether it is making you more visible to cars, decreasing likelihood of being attacked or just in case of getting injured, running with a group is definitely safer.

3. Competition- Who doesn’t enjoy a little competition? This comes natural when you’re surrounded by people who are pushing you to the next level.

2. Camaraderie- Running groups create an atmosphere to meet all kinds or people. Being able to share running as a common interest leads to new friendships.

1. Exercise- The benefits of regular physical activity are numerous both physically and emotionally. Get those endorphins pumping!

Joining a running group is often the hardest part, but don’t talk yourself out of coming because you’re worried of being alone, the slowest or because you think you run funny. You never know until you’ve tried it. So get out there and try it!

Join the Salt Lake Running group

Every Saturday*

8:00 AM

700 E. 2454 S.

*On “Red Burn” days where air quality is bad, we will be meeting at the Olympic Oval in Kearns.

Join our Facebook page or email me at [email protected]  if you would like more information and updates on the group.

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