This post is about not giving up even when the stakes are low. You see, it’s easier to be motivated for your runs or cross training sessions when you are training for something, but what about when there aren’t any races on your horizon? Right now, I’m not training for anything other than to be able to eat as I would like. I’m just running.

It’s very easy for me to tell myself that it doesn’t matter if I run or not, because it’s not like I’m going to ruin a training plan or anything. Many of our customers fall into my same category. They run for the pure joy of it, and just because they aren’t trying to PR in their next race, doesn’t mean they don’t need motivation.

For the past week, I have been on vacation in Michigan visiting my brother and his family. I arrived last Thursday with 2/3 of my luggage. Of course I pack ALL  my running gear in one bag, and of course, that’s the one that get’s lost. I LOVE running in new cities. It’s a great way to explore…but my running plans were thwarted when my bag was missing for 4 days.

I thought about buying some new shoes and some new running clothes, but I knew that as soon as I did, my bag would show up. So, I decided to try some different things to get in my daily sweat.

As a form of cross training, I have been going to a cross fit gym 3 days a week. I am totally obsessed with it, just like everyone else who does cross fit. You know the joke “how do you know if someone is a vegetarian?” Answer: They tell you. The same joke works for people who do cross fit.  Sorry I’m not sorry, I’m THAT girl.

Anyway, Let me tell you about a great little work out we did together as a famly instead of running. It was a quick full body work out that requires no equipment. The kids even participated! I called it the Dirty Thirty.

30 air squats

30 Push-ups

30 sit-ups

3 rounds

So, my point is, even if you are stripped of everything you need in order to get a good run in, there are still ways in which to get in your daily sweat without giving up.  And to add parting words of wisdom, carry on. Always.


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