Product Spotlight: Sweaty Bands

by Amanda Theobald
As everyone is well aware of September 11th fell on a Saturday this year; therefore, a perfect day for a race.  A friend and I signed up for a 10k in Layton, and read on their blog that they encouraged patriotic attire.  We picked out matching red, white and blue racing outfits, and even in the privacey of her bedroom I felt we were looked a little ridiculous.  To complete the outfit we had to accessorize properly, we decided to wear some headbands.  Except we didn’t have any red, white or blue ones, so we cut strips of T-shirts to make our own.
When we showed up to the race we saw that absolutely no one was dressed patriotically.  We tried to play it cool in our bright and skimpy Americana outfits, but they proved to be kind of embarrassing. To make matters worse, my headband did not fit snugly above my hair line, so I had to wear it across my fourhead like a scrawny, tattered sweatband. I felt and looked like a pretty big goober, and my hair was in my face.
This didn’t ruin my race by any means but it proved to me how you feel about what you wear is really important. Whether or not you’re a runner is really whether or not you think you’re a runner, and dressing the part helps.  I know it’s a little silly, but when I put on a headband I feel like I look super athletic.  I think to myself, “Now I’m serious; I can’t deal with stray hairs getting in my way, ruining my focus.” Sweaty Bands brand are the best headbands around.  They have the ultimate fit, with the perfect amount of stretch. I hate being able to feel the pressure of headbands against my head. These headbands also have a velvet backing, so they stay exactly where you put them. There is an array of cute colors and prints, so you can match or not match to your liking.
Basically I wish I had  a Sweaty Bands headband at that race. It wouldn’t have hidden my dorky outfit, but at least my hair would’ve been out of my face and I wouldn’t have had a T-shirt wrapped around my fourhead. But whether you have a perfect outfit that matches from head to toe or not, just let yourself be a runner.

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