Kick That Cold Carrot Concoction

We all know that dreaded feeling of the winter blues invading your body and taking hold with it’s death grip around your head, chest, stomach and/or muscles. Such a drag to know that YOU are about to. get. SICK! But, if you are lucky, you just might beat the odds and kick it to curb before it arrives to camp out in some cozy corner of your body.

Seriously though, there are some real deal natural methods of fighting and/or lessening the blow of illness. The trick I would like to pull out of the hat this time is what we’ll call the Kick that Cold Carrot Concoction. The ingredients will go right into your body and start fighting viruses and bacterias like crazy. The big guns in the drink are raw garlic and raw ginger. Garlic has been used for thousands of years to fight of disease and infections. There is a lot of folklore that surround this bulb, but science has started to back up the medicinal uses to help people understand that it does more than just fight of Vampires. There have been many successful studies done on it’s capabilities to kill of virus, bacterias and fungal infections in the body. Garlic also has powerful cardiovascular protective and free radical properties. The more raw garlic you eat the better. Then, there is the ginger. This root is a superstar at helping the stomach and intestinal tract. It is a bit spicy so go easy on how much you use at first. Finally, there is the nutritionally powerful carrier liquid of carrot juice. Freshly juiced whole carrots are best for sure, but using a store bought organic 100% carrot juice will work if needed.

So here is the easy recipe for one person

2-3 cloves of garlic with skins off
A small ¼ inch chunk of ginger root peeled
Raw carrots—enough to make 4-6 oz of juice

Put garlic gloves and ginger root in tube first, but don’t turn on juicer. When you start adding carrots, then turn on juicer and juice until you get 4-6 oz of the carrot concoction.

Use the store bought organic 100% carrot juice and pour 4-6 oz in a blender. Please do not puree carrots as that will be way to thick of a drink. Press the garlic through a garlic press into the blender and grate the ginger root into the blender also. Blend briefly.

WORD OF CAUTION:This drink should be taken on an empty stomach. Drink it all at once and drink it fast. It may be quite spicy and may make you sweat, chill, momentarily dizzy and burn in the stomach briefly. Drink water immediately and then eat a meal. However, you may have to sit for a second before eating. I am not kidding about this either. But, to resolve any concerns you may have, I have added this great little video of my 5 kids taking a shot of this drink and surviving.

So give this puppy a serious whirl when you are fighting an ailment. Take it once or for a couple of days if necessary. Remember to keep the drink to 4-6 oz and not put in too much ginger. So here is to your health…now, get back to training!

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