CEP Clone Tights

By Amanda Theobald

A new product has recently become available by one of the leading compression manufacturers in the medical and sports industry. The CEP Clone Compression Kit. The brand is known as “medi” in the medical world, and CEP in the sport’s world. They have been manufacturing compression for over 50 years with huge success. Their experience has helped them dial get the ins and outs of compression all figured out; manufacturing their garments on a circular loom, and gradiating the compression, so it is tightest at the ankle and becomes less tight as it moves closer to the heart. Therefore, the maximum compression is where it needs to be, furthest from the heart, and where the most gravitational force is exerted.

If you haven’t heard all the great things about compression garments here is a re-cap. Compression can be used while working out and for recovery. Here’s how it works, arterial walls are sensitive to pressure, when pressure is applied by squeezing the muscles the arterial walls will relax and allow more blood to flow through. With up to 40% more blood flowing, your muscles will receive up to more oxygen and have up to 30% less lactic acid build up. This means with the same amount of energy you can have a greater performance. More specifically, a study done by Wolfgang Kemmler found that runners ran 5% faster while using 6% less energy. Along the lines of recovery, the same principles apply. More blood to the muscles promotes your lactic acid levels to return to normal faster, and the increased oxygen will help it heal. Also, while traveling you are less likely to experience blood clots, which you may think, “I am a healthy athlete, i don’t have to worry about that.” But 80% of people who experience blood clots while traveling are endurance athletes, because their heart rate is lower. Sitting for long periods of time with your heart pumping at a lower rate can lead to your blood moving slower through your veins and then clotting. Bam. Now you know. I’m saving lives.

This new product is as custom as you can get, and a great option for recovery. It is rated between 20-30 millimeters of mercury. It is built by measuring 41 parts on your lower half and you can choose if you want socks or toe-less, a full tight ($290) or a thigh high ($240). If you want want the thigh high, you can choose to have a silicone beading top, or a lace top. Yeah, I said it, compression lingerie practically. Its a kit, like I said, so you will actually receive two pairs of tights, kind of like a year long subscription to recovery. You will get one pair within 7 days after ordering, and another pair in six months (or sooner), because they will start to stretch out over time. Also with the kit comes a washing bag, washing detergent, a pair of gloves to help you put them on (they’re really tight) and skin care samples.

We have members on staff who are trained and ready to size you up for these tights. The staff is all very excited that compression is really starting to catch on because we have all benefited from this technology. Let’s do some cloning.


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