August 30, 2011

4 Sessions, meeting once a week, the first session is free. The first 25 people to pay will be guaranteed a spot in the series. All others run the risk of missing out on the full 4 week series, but are always welcome to attend the first night at no charge. Dates: Week One: Wednesday, Sept 7 (free) Week Two: Wednesday, Sept 14 Week Three: Wednesday, Sept 21 Week Four: Wednesday, Sept 28
[iframe http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=o6gn7dcab&v=001KjEL0EDcPNIIYHhqQL2GP3Z8DKIlw0XhNTlSfvGMII8UHMd827r4pnXBdhVXc6WBwLthh8fNNi0M8VVL1Z_eWTF9DRH3m42h9LqyuDY-kBtxu2uZBBci4GSZXBeuoJGmuH7AQMWHtdw%3D 670 4000]

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