Your Story–Cindy Faust

My name is Cindy Faust(with full white hat,) I’m 37 years old and mother of 3 adorable kids. I’ve always loved playing sports, being active and had hit the road on an occasional run. It had always been a dream of mine to run the St. George Marathon. After my third child, I was mildly depressed and extremely out of shape. I couldn’t even run 10 minutes without breathing heavy and being exhausted. I decided to “run” to the grocery store (1.5 miles away down hill…) little did I think it through, I’d have to run back up with groceries…but that started me off thinking I needed to get into shape again and I needed a goal. I decided to train for that marathon I’ve always wanted to run. I got online and printed out a schedule and had faithfully followed it to the end. It was a lot of treadmill miles since I had little kids. But during the training months I looked forward to the hour or so I had scheduled for myself. I was happier with my self because I felt better. I was a better mother to my kids because my mind wasn’t constantly in mope mode and I was just overall feeling better body and mind. I truly feel like running had saved me from a deep dark hole I was heading toward.

In 2006 I finished my first marathon in 4:57:00 it felt so good and was such an accomplishment I could only think of how this has helped make me a better person. I love running; it has been my “me” time that I look forward to everyday. The following year, I recruited some other moms and we trained for the 2007 St. George Marathon and I discovered the joy of running with a group of women and gained strength from each of them and also built some strong relationships. This past 2008 St. George Marathon I ran with my husband. This was his first and it was a whole new experience to have trained with him all those hours and early morning runs and the race day was one we will always cherish together. My goal now is to qualify for the Boston Marathon before I hit the big 40. I’ve picked up the pace and shed some pounds and have never felt better in my life! I see the ladies on the road that are in their 60’s and 70’s and think, “That is going to be me!!” I want to keep running so I can enjoy life and enjoy my kids.

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