By Debbie Perry

Marathon schmarathon! I think that many runners who have been running long enough to do a marathon will confess that the hardest race they have ever done was their first 5K. While the 5K is the shortest road race offered (for adults), the first one, two or five can be very challenging. That might seem odd, but really, your first 5K represents the achievement and accomplishment of so many different aspects of your new journey.  And, the reality is that when you cross that finish line as a 5K newbie, you’ve come a long way baby! You don’t need 26.2 miles to prove it to us either because we know. We’ve been there.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you make your way to running 3.1 miles. And really, no need to put your hand on some of these burners, just trust us, we’ve been burned.

  • You don’t have to run everyday–that just makes you tired.
  • You HAVE to learn to run SLOW first before you run fast–Not kidding, it really is mandatory that you first learn to run slow enough to have an easy conversation with a friend. Not only will you train the right system, but you will be able to run father and get this…enjoy running! Base miles tips
  • It is okay to take 1 minutes walk breaks during training to keep yourself at a lower effort–See above.
  • Stay consistent–that means to stay consistent not just for 6 weeks, but for the rest of your life. It takes 7 years to develop your potential as a runner. That is why it is so important to learn what you can handle on a long term basis and what you can’t. A 5K feels much different a year later than your first. Well…as long as you have kept running.
  • Run some on trails–there is no place better.  Trail tips
  • Do some strength work on the days you don’t run–This will make running a lot easier(eventually), help you lose bodyfat and prevent injury. A full body routine that focuses on the core is great. Strength tips
  • Stay flexible–So common for runners to lose too much flexibility.
  • Make sure you are hydrated–drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day. Plus extra after a workout
  • Commit to eating better–Research shows that people who exercise need more nutrients than those who don’t. Eat well in order to run well. There are lots of articles in our library and nutrition blog articles .
  • Always have good shoes–They only last 300-400 miles and that includes walking, standing and doing other forms of training in them at the gym. Buying shoes article
  • Keep learning–So much to learn, so little time.  Getting Started

Yep, so much to learn in prepping to run 3.1 miles. If you want a little bit of training help, then you can sign up for our free First 5K training program. This program was written by Debbie Perry and is designed for the beginner in mind and most especially for those who would like to be able to run the whole way without stopping. If you are interested, then go to this link from training peaks and sign up. Check back after 24 hours and your own training program will be loaded onto your profile. You can even log in how much you did and how you felt. Your own training log! Pretty cool!

Salt Lake Running/ Training Peaks First 5k training program by Debbie Perry

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