Top 5 Races in Utah for 2014

by Holli Childs

When I began thinking about what the top five races in Utah could possibly be, I realized there was no way to choose just 5. So, instead I have chosen five different categories and will list one of the top races in that category. This list doesn’t even put a dent in the list of all the awesome races that we have here in Utah.

So, lets get started.

1. 5K – Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (May 10, 2014)

All proceeds from this event go toward the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s research for the treatment of breast cancer. These races occur all over the world, and it is the largest, organized fundraising event for breast cancer the world has ever seen. Runners that have participated have given very positive feedback for the organization and atmosphere. So many runners participate that the ones who began first have already finished before the ones who began at the end have even crossed the starting line.

2. 10K – Deseret News Classic (July 24, 2014)

This event is one of the few still remaining 10Ks and is very popular for both the beginner and experienced runner. It runs from Research Park to Liberty Park, a nice easy downhill race that is easy to set new personal records on with minimal side effects!

3.  Half Marathon – Salt Lake City Half (April 19, 2014)

If you are looking for a good half to start with, or just to have fun, this is a fun one. Starting up at the University of Utah, you get the privilege of running down through Sugarhouse Park and eventually ending up in Liberty Park. This one is very well organized and has a really fun atmosphere for everyone.

4.  Marathon – Ogden (May 17, 2014)

This marathon runs through the beautiful Ogden Canyon ending up in downtown Ogden. If you are looking for a beautiful road race, this is the one for you. Getting in is a lottery, so not every runner that wants to participate gets to each year, but if you haven’t had the chance yet, keep trying, because it is worth it.

5.  Relay – Wasatch Back Ragnar (June 27-28, 2014)

For a relay event, you can’t go wrong with the Wasatch Back Relay. It starts in Logan and then runs along the backside of the Wasatch Mountains to Park City. It has beautiful trails and scenery, plus you have the benefit of getting very close and personal with your very best running friends.
I narrowed down the events to stay along the Wasatch front (or back), but this list is definitely not all inclusive! There are many other races in the state that I didn’t mention.

If you like trails, there a plenty of races for you. If you like the fun ones, well there are those too. If you are serious runner, you have plenty of options to choose from. There are races in the state of Utah that cater to every runner, beginner or experienced, that create an outstanding running environment here in Salt Lake and the entire state.

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