Picking a Multi Vitamin

Decisions, Decisions. Nothing can seem more daunting than picking a multi-vitamin. Every vitamin company has one. So what’s a person to do? Well, there are some really good options out there so let’s take a look at some of them so you can get an idea of what kind of daily Multi may meet your needs.

Let get one thing straight before we start. A ONE –A-DAY MULTI VITAMIN IS NOT ENOUGH! Seriously here, a single capsule only holds enough micronutrients to prevent serious diseases like scurvy. The RDA quota that is met by these One-A-Days is a daily allowance necessary for basic survival…not thriving, or training, or racing or looking and feeling younger. If you want to give your body all the micronutrients necessary for many years of vivacious living and training, then you have to back up that desire with the right daily nutrition routine. So here are some multivitamin options to consider. Review the info, links and price points and decide what might work for you.

Nature’s Way ALIVE! Multi
This 3 a day multi is a basic starter multi. I ask people to get the form without iron so that you can take more of them in a day if you need to on high training days. You would have to add iron and a full bone mineral matrix with at least calcium, magnesium, silica, and boron. Nature’s way is a Utah based company.

Cory Holly’s Essential pack
A great daily pack of about 7 capsules. Specifically formulated for active people wanting optimal health and performance. The essentials pack is part of a daily system for athletes and can be purchased alone or with other products like Whey Protein, Sport oil, and C7, a carb/electrolyte drink. Formulated by Dr. Cory Holly of CHI institute.

Life Extension Foundation’s multi
Life extension is the first organization to really do independent non government funded or non pharmacuetical research on health, nutrition and hormones. This is a 9 a day multi based upon over 30 years of their research. You must become a member to get the best price and they have really good yearly sales when they go to update the multi. Need to add iron to this.

Master Control Formula
With 6 capsules per pack, you get 12 a day when you take one morning and night. Another comprehensive active person’s multi formulated by Dr. Mark Sisson a former elite triathlete. Need to add iron to this.

So there are some good ideas to look at and start with. Are there other good ones? Yes! Just compare the facts panels and prices to what is listed above to get an idea if you are paying a fair price. I do feel that all examples above are fairly priced for what you get.

Do you need to add anything to these? I have listed those without iron, however, you still need to add your Fish oils and calcium/magnesium. Also, everyone needs to add more vitamin C, hopefully to your protein shakes. And yes, there are many more adjunctive nutrients for brain, joint, hormonal and cellular health. But, start with a high quality multi vitamin at the very least and you will begin to build a foundation that you can add to later.

The parting message is…if you take your health seriously, you will need to take a broad spectrum multivitamin! Take it morning and night to feed your body constantly. You will recover faster, feel better and age slower if you do.

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