How to Get Your Run In – No Matter How Busy Life Gets!

by Jana Peale

Chances are if you have been fitted for running shoes with us we have asked how much you run. (We don’t ask the question to judge you, but to get a better idea of what type of shoe you might need.) More often than not, I get a response of how many miles someone wants to run a week, instead of how many miles they actually run a week. Usually this is not because anyone can’t run the miles they want to, but life tends to get in the way.

Almost all of us can relate: we want to get a run in, but there always seems to be a million things to do in a day and somehow the run always gets pushed back to last on the list.

Here is a list of ways and reasons to get your run in no matter how busy your life gets.

1. Sign up for an event. If you have an event that you want to do well in, it is a lot easier to go for a run. You know on a certain date you have to be relatively ready to cover whatever distance you choose, so it just gives that little extra motivation to actually run. See our Local Race Calendar here.

2. Pick a time and stick to it. If you make a plan, you have a better chance of sticking to your plan. (I know, that was obvious.) Generally, running first thing in the morning makes this the easiest. If you can start your run before you even have time to think about running, you will do it.

3. Find a running buddy. Peer pressure works. This goes along with the plan idea, If you plan to meet someone for a run at a certain time and place, you will probably do that run. Flaking tends to kill friendships.

4. Set reasonable goals. You don’t have to run everyday and you don’t have to run a bunch of miles every day. This goes along with making a plan. If you have a full-time job, kids, and a million other obligations, you might not have two hours everyday to get a run in. Plan for a long run on your day off and then make the rest of the week work with your schedule. Just because you can run 10 miles, you don’t have to do a bunch of miles all the time.

5. Find a running group. Sometimes we blame our lives for interfering with our training when it really is we have gotten stale on running. If you do the same couple runs every time by yourself, maybe it is time to mix it up. Running groups act as a perfect solution. You can meet new running friends (potential buddies!) and explore new places to run. Our store has two running groups. One at our 700 E location on Thursdays at 7PM and another at our Draper location on Saturdays at 8AM.

6. Do not give up. It is easy to feel like after skipping one run, you ruined everything. This is not the case. It takes two weeks to get out of shape. If you skip a run, you don’t sweat it. Just do your next run like nothing happened.

7. Remember this is for your health! No matter your reasons for running, it is good for you. Running is the mind, body, and soul type of healthy for you. Prioritize your running because it makes everything else in life just that might easier.

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