Green Food– Nature’s Powerhouse

By Debbie Perry

Some people call it lawn mower clippings, some jungle juice, or maybe wetdog. Whatever you name it, it is still good old green food. Is it really that bad? Like wet dog bad? Well…..maybe at first. I think I gaged the first time or two(or three) I tried it, but since my desire for optimal health was strong, I stuck with it and lo and behold I have come to find that yes! Green food really is natures powerhouse! And now, I crave a nice jungle shot to right every wrong and bring peace and harmony to my body.

So here is the real deal on green food. I get people asking me what kinds of foods and/or supplements they should be adding to their diet. While I did a short blog on multivitamins, I would be remiss if I did not now mention the multicategorical item of Green Food. Seriously, a good green food will be both a food and a supplement. It will fill the gap in the lack of whole food produce intake, provide protein,cholorophyll and vitamins, minerals and enzymes. When people are really struggling with immunity or training hard (or breathing on a daily basis) I recommend that they take this every day. It does an amazing job at helping people just flat out feel better and gives them a bit of an energy boost too. I know of people who say they feel more calm and relaxed after taking it. Sounds kind of out there, but green food does a nice job at restoring a healthy balance to the alkalinity of the blood and some of the chemical/hormonal pathways in the body.

So what is in Green food? Well there are different brands and shapes and sizes, but all in all, green food contains different combinations of dried grasses, algae, vegetables, legumes and sometimes fruit. The best products are heavy in the grasses and algaes(like spirulina) and usually have some added enzymes too. They are sold in powdered form and have to be mixed with a liquid or thrown into a smoothie. Now, you can get capsule versions of some products, but it is easier to take the full dose as a powder rather than alot of capsules. Also, the body seems to absorb the mixed powdered versions better and people feel the effects more strongly and immediately. Whatever product you decide to use, just remember that if you don’t like the taste right off, you have to committ yourself to taking it for 3 weeks NO MATTER WHAT! Just mix it in only 4-6 ounces of water and slam in one gulp. I promise that after 3 weeks, you will be fine with it. But, you do have to hang in there and do it for the sake of your body. If you are going to mistreat your body with flour, sugar, damaged protein and preservatives, then give it a break and help it recover and restore by taking green food. If you aren’t ready to make any other changes in your diet right now, then at least do this!

Oh and here is an excert from a great article on Green Food from CoryHolly.com that talks a bit more about the importance of green food and most especially Spirulina. Also, the above pictures of the green food containers are linked to those product specs and reviews on iherb.com

In case you haven’t noticed, a very large and impressive category of “green foods” has established itself within the domain of the natural foods industry. The GREEN MACHINE has permeated every sector, providing nourishment and life’s missing ingredients to athletes,young children, busy executives and convalescing seniors. So many of us are adding these concentrated, freeze-dried superfoods to our dietary menu, hoping for more energy,improved detoxification and a reliable source of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Let’s be honest. Few of us consume the quantity of organic green vegetables we know are necessary to augment a good diet. Green plants, like spinach, kale, spirulina and chlorella,sustain our bodies with chlorophyll – that magnesium rich, alkaline green pigment responsible for converting the energy of the sun into living matter. In fact chlorophyll should really be classified as an essential nutrient. Its positive affects on wound healing, organ restoration and athletic performance are truly phenomenal.

Many excellent varieties and choices of green foods exist – powdered mixtures which combine a plethora of exotic and health-promoting substances, such as plant extracts, enzymes, lecithin, friendly bacteria (probiotics), alfalfa, barley, wheat grass, bee pollen, seaweed – all in a base of algae, the focus of this article.

Spirulina is a blue-green algae. Its natural blue pigment is called phycocyanin, a compound known to protect the kidneys from the adverse effects of certain drugs. Spirulina has a filamentous structure with soft cell walls that are easily digested. Spirulina is about 60% protein, so in terms of protein density it stands alone in naturally occurring foods. To give you a practical perspective, 10 grams of spirulina provides 6 grams of protein, compared to the same weight of fresh whole egg (1.2g or 12%) goats milk (.4g or 4%) halibut (2.7g or 27%) soybeans (1.7g or 17%) or venison (3g or 30%). In terms of net protein utilization (NPU) however, spirulina takes a back seat to eggs (94%), milk (82%), fish (80%) chicken (67%)and soy (61%). Spirulina scores a modest 57%, but because it is so high in total protein content, it actually outscores every example mentioned in terms of total usable protein. spirulina sports a milligram of iron per gram, thousands of bioactive enzymes, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, trace elements, a 2:1 potassium to sodium ratio, 2 mcg of B-12 analogues, superoxide dismutase (SOD), 10 mg of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), mixed carotenoids and 3 mg of beta-carotene, making it the world’s most concentrated source of this provitamin. Most people are carotenoid deficient and taking spirulina as a supplement could immediately remedy this concern.

Supplement Recommendations
I have consumed spirulina for more than twenty years in powder, capsule and tablet form. My favourite method involves adding 10 grams of Hawaiian spirulina pacifica to my post-workout protein shake, where it is mixed into a slurry in a blender with fresh raw bee pollen and whey protein isolate (among other things such as organic fruit, The Sport Oil, creatine, etc…). I also use a green mix which includes spirulina and chlorella. First time users should start out with 500-1000mg and build up gradually. It’s one of Nature’s most potent super foods, so ease into it just like exercise. Spirulina can be taken before exercise, between meals or combined with other foods. Get creative.

So it is time to give this a go!!

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