Fall Boots Line Up

by Sylvia Greer

As a running store, it is important to us that we put you in the most comfortable and efficient shoe for your body. The shoes we carry in our store are here to help you achieve your best run.

The average person spends an hour in their running shoes per day. But what about when you are out of your running gear and shoes?

What do you have on your feet the other 12 hours of your day?

How you treat your feet and your body outside of your run is just as important to us.

At the Salt Lake Running Company, we carry everyday, high quality shoes that will give you comfort and support for all those other hours during the day when you are not in your running shoes.

Fall weather in Utah is as unpredictable as a bag of assorted jelly-bellies. Highs in the 60’s, lows in the 30’s scattered with snow, sleet, sun and rain. Versatility, like our Utah weather, is what we can provide you, with our fall shoe line-up – Helping your feet be prepared for whatever the sky or office gives you for the day!

Remember when you were a kid and could wear a pair of boots all day long, no matter what the weather?! Boots are back and big-kid friendly.

Tromp in the snow, sleet, rain or on that office industrial carpet. We’ve got you covered!

Our Womens Fall line-up:

  • Our top selling, Merrell Captiva Launch, has a seam-sealed, water-resistant barrier and memory foam footbed made for walking and Fall adventures.
  • The timeless, Merrell Luxe Whip, with its memory foam footbed, podiatrist approved sole and antimicrobial lining will help you tackle any daily mission.
  • The Ecco Hobart Ankle, features a classic leather upper, a leather sock lining, and a flexible rubber sole giving it breathability and all day wearability.
  • Clark delivers a rugged leather ankle boot in the Orinocco Sash. The low heel and foam-cushioned footbed provide workday comfort and weekend style.

Blog Boots

Men we have not left you out!

We think your feet deserve high comfort and high fashion as well! Your feet will thank you.

Our Mens Fall line-up:

We know how convenient it is to not have to tie shoe laces! Paired with convenience, we have style. We have three slip-on styles to choose from, to give you options and variety, depending on what you are looking for.

  • Keen Dawson Slip-on (Not Pictured Above), is a water resistant go-to everyday shoe that can be worn in and out of the office. With patented toe protection and a memory foam footbed, it is sure to please no matter where your walking.
  • Merrell Realm pull-on, is an ankle height, slip-on, leather boot, with durable traction and air cushioning in the heel. This boot features Merrell’s M Move footframe making it one of the most comfortable boots you will walk in. You control where the boot takes your foot, instead of a clunky boot taking control of you. And, you will look good where your going!
  • Clark Un-seal clog, the last, but certainly not least, of our slip-on variety. Constructed with a leather upper and rubber sole, this shoe will be a favorite in the closet, and worthy of daily wear.
  • If you prefer laces, we’ve got laces folks! Laces in our Ecco track II GTX. This shoe is a classic oxford with a twist. . . GORTEX!! With water-resistant oiled leather and a Gortex lining, this shoe will wick moisture, snow, rain, sleet and water cooler drips away from you foot. This shoe is durable, comfortable, and has quite the following.

Whatever your style or need, we have your foot and comfort in mind. We invite you to indulge yourself and come try on any lifestyle shoe in our 700 E. store. We carry a variety of high quality brands to insure that your feet feel incredible. Including, Dansko, Sanita, Merrell, Keen, Clarks, Ecco, and Earth. If you don’t see a style or color that you like, we can special order it for you at no additional charge, with our 30 day exchange policy included! We would love to make your feet the most comfortable feet they can be, running or otherwise.

Call 801-484-9144 or Visit the 700 E. Salt Lake Running Co. location

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