By Greg

In January my wife sent me to Costco to buy a paper shredder to protect ourselves from the growing problem of identity theft. While walking through Costco I noticed a crowd gathered at a demonstration, where a clean cut young man was serving everything from frozen ice cream to piping hot tortilla soup all prepared from the same miracle appliance the Vitamix blender. I sampled the food and watched the demonstration with interest, he asked questions like, “Are you tired of processed foods?…Do you want your family to eat the healthiest options available… Do you want to control your weight” I answered in my mind “yes, yes and yes“. (I think we all know where this is going) rather than coming home with a $50 paper shredder I came home with a $400 blender. My wife was completely unimpressed and asked if I could shred documents in the blender. I smiled as I replied “yes we can!” Over the next few days I blended with passion, morning smoothies, lunch soups, marinara’s for our pasta dinners and each day my wife grew to enjoy the blender as much as I did.  I have to say I really found very little to be critical about, this blender really did do everything the salesman said and I was eating more fruits and veggies throughout my week than I had previously.

In February I went to Costco to buy a 40 lb bag of dog food. I walked down the center of the store and again noticed a group gathered around a live demonstration. Blendtec was represented.  If you are familiar with the blending world then you know that Vitamix and Blendtec are the two premier blenders on the market and the only two that can realistically compete with each other.  I had a problem, I had been using the Vitamix for a few weeks now and now was presented with the possibility of a face off. I had to do it.  I went to the customer service desk and told them I had purchased one and now possibly wanted the other, to Costco’s credit they girl behind the counter said, “you want to buy them both and keep the one you like?” I replied, “Does a one legged duck swim in circles?” I walked into my kitchen an hour later with another blender and my wife gave me a look of disbelief “Dog food” she said, “Not another $400 blender.” In my mind I was already blending.

That evening I tried my favorite recipes in both blenders and they both performed wonderfully. Both will blend pretty much whatever wet items you throw at them, frozen fruit, ice, all sorts of veggies even peanut butter. Blendtec has an advantage in that it will also blend nuts and grains into fine powder, Vitamix requires purchase of a separate container and blade to process dry products.  Blendtec has preset buttons that you push and the blender works through  variable speeds all on its own for the perfect soup or smoothie or whole juice. Vitamix requires manual adjustment and no automatic turn off which can sometimes result in over blending and your food can end up a little foamy rather than creamy and smooth.  The Blendtec also fits nicely on top of the counter but under the cabinets. The Vitamix is a little tall and I really didn’t like leaving it out on my counter. It was a close contest and had I never tried the Blendtec I’m sure I would have enjoyed the Vitamix for many years, however  Blendtec wins!

The next afternoon I returned to Costco. The girl behind the counter said  “It must have been an exhausting night” Indeed it was, exhausting and wonderful.

If you have one of these blenders then I congratulate you, if you don’t then seriously consider one. I love my morning smoothie and the fresh sauces for pasta, at night a few pieces of  frozen mango, a squirt of honey and a handful of ice makes the best ice cream imaginable. I am eating more fruits and veggies than ever before and I feel great.

My wife won’t let me go to Costco alone anymore.

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