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A consolidated list of all training articles

Getting Started
Running is one of the easiest fitness programs to start – all you need is a good pair of shoes, motivation and a nice place to run. I know, we make it sound easy – but here we’ve put together a few quick articles to get you started right. So, get ready to run…

Training Plans
We have put together several general training plans to help you train.  You will find a training plan from a 5k to a marathon.  We also have a sprint triathlon training plan for triathletes.

Training Tips
Here you will find many general training tips that pertain to all endurance sports.  Find out how to hydrate proplerly, eat while exercising, what type clothes to wear, what are good shoes, how to carbo loading, what makes a good sports bra, learn about proper stretching and many more articles.

Marathon Training Tips
Running a marathon is hard enough let alone trying to figure out all the other things that go along with it.  Find out how to get a shoe ready for a marathon, eating during your race or long runs, what clothes to wear, how to hydrate properly, find training plans, is walking ok?  Know what to expect and gain the confidence to have a worry free race.

Triathlon Training Tips
Triathlons are very exciting and the sport is growing extremely fast.  Find out all you need to know before the your first event.  Learn why you need a wetsuit.  Find out what other equipment you need.  Learn about bike fits and why you want a good one.

Trail Running
Utah has some of the best trails in the US.   The best thing, is that those trails are right in our back yard.  Trail running can also add another dynamic to your training and help use and strengthen muscles you normally don’t use running on the roads.   We have some trail running tips to help you be confident on the trails and help you know what to expect.  Be excited to give it a try!

There is much more to training than just working out.  Proper nutrition can be the key to fast recovery, consistent performance and good general health.  Take hold of your health and reap the benefits of increased performance, injury prevention, weight loss and lifelong vitality through good nutrition habits.

Online  Tools
Here you will find online route tools, mapping tools and pace calculators. All these tools can give you more control and knowledge over your training and help you find routes you normally wouldn’t know about or think of doing.