Nutrition & Fueling

Below you will find articles on what to eat and drink before a race or long run, what to do during and what to do after to maximize your efforts and recovery. There is even an article on how to Carbo Load the week before your race.

1st Video – Mixed Green Salad and Dressing

We are trying to add video clips of all kinds of things to our new website (launching March 1st). So for our first attempt at a video, we will put together this recipe that relates to a recent post on salads. Now, keep in mind that, this is a very rough copy, but we would…
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25 Days of Christmas Challenge

by Arwa Jundi For most people the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year are a challenging time of year in regards to healthy eating and workout routines. Having a set challenge helps you stick to your routine and get healthy in a hard time of year.  Like in any training program you need begin…
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Blender Wars

By Greg In January my wife sent me to Costco to buy a paper shredder to protect ourselves from the growing problem of identity theft. While walking through Costco I noticed a crowd gathered at a demonstration, where a clean cut young man was serving everything from frozen ice cream to piping hot tortilla soup…
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Breakfast for Runners

by Coach Lisa Menninger One of the most frequently asked questions I get from the folks I coach is concerning breakfast and what to eat before a run. The answer should to take into account what is going on physiologically for the body and its needs when you run. I will answer two things then: 1)…
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Carbo Loading

By Debbie Perry A Pocket Guide to Pre race Carbo-Loading Most endurance athletes have heard of something called carbohydrate-loading. If you’re new to the endurance world and don’t know much about this concept, it’s an important one if you are going to attempt any endurance event lasting over an hour. Carbo-loading is when you eat…
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Deb’s Favorite Breakfast

Long gone are the days of cold cereal. It was a step I had to take given that I discovered in my early thirties that I was having insulin problems and came from a family of diabetics with a lot of health problems. As an endurance athlete, trying to limit grain intake can really complicate…
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In general, triathletes(and runners) have the best of intentions to eat like champions. This is pretty easy to do when you’re preparing your own meals. It’s harder to do when you have to eat out. One winter night, my six-year-old son, Jansen, decided he REALLY wanted to go to Chuck-A-Rama for dinner. My husband and…
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Electrolyte capsules-salvation in a gelcap

There is always a lot of talk about hydration and electrolytes for longer races and many an athlete gets scared off by the term “hyponetremic.” But, when do you actually need to start using electrolyte supplements? Don’t some of the gels and drinks have electrolytes in them? How much do you need per hour? Do…
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What are electrolytes? Electrolyte is a medical/scientific term for salts, specifically ions. They’re important for many reasons: Electrolytes are what your cells (especially nerve, heart, and muscle cells) use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes Electrolytes and carry electrical impulses (nerve impulses and muscle contractions) across themselves and to other cells. When electrolytes have…
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Electrolytes and Hydration

When it’s that time of year and the day’s are heating up, electrolytes and their role in hydration become an important topic for anyone training or racing outside. Drinking only water at this point will lead one down an uncomfortable road of unneeded suffering and lack of performance. A lot of people have heard the…
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Daily Nutrition

We are what we eat, or something like that. Get helpful tips for fueling your body and creating healthy eating habits, you should know this even if you skip the occasional workout.

Basic Joint Protocol

Long term joint care/Arthritis/degenerative disease/anti-inflammation *The following is intended to be only a quick reference guide. For complete and astounding research please read Dr. Michael Colgan’s pamphlet Win The War Against Arthritis and/or his book Beat Arthritis. These sources contain absolutely essential and life changing information to combat the above conditions. This “pocket version” is…
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Supplement function • Made naturally in the body in the liver, kidneys and pancreas and is synthesized from amino acids. • The Greek word “Kreas” means flesh. It is stored in animal muscle tissue. • It is the vital carrier and resupplier of phosphate during energy production most noticeably in exercise that is done without…
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Flax Seed Oil and Fish Oil

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) Supplement function: Required by every cell, tissue, gland and organ in the body. Provides material to make prostaglandinds which are hormone like substances that act as chemical messengers and regulators of various body processes. Aid in the transmission of nerve impulses and are needed for the normal development and functioning of…
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Green Food

Green Food– Nature’s Powerhouse Functions In case you haven’t noticed, a very large and impressive category of “green foods” has established itself within the domain of the natural foods industry. The GREEN MACHINE has permeated every sector, providing nourishment and life’s missing ingredients to athletes, young children, busy executives and convalescing seniors. So many of…
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Hydration for your Run

It’s spring but it won’t be for long! During the days of summer, we have lots of great opportunities to get outside, run and train, and usually during that time, it gets hotter while our runs get longer. You may have seen our awesome blog on how why runners should stay hydrated and been wondering,…
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Protein Smoothies

By Debbie Perry If there is one thing that you should change about your current eating/post workout recovery habits, it would be the addition of protein smoothies. A smoothie accomplishes many objectives at the same time. First and foremost it gives your body excellent building/recovery materials. Most people need to eat more raw fruit, more…
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Vitamin C

The single most important vitamin for health Function • Required for the formation of collagen, which composes 50% of the structure of cartilage pads that cushion your joints. • Plays a large role in the conversions of fatty acids into energy inside the mitochondria of the cell • Required for the manufacturing in the brain…
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Whey Protein Isolate

An essential macronutrient—“protos” means come first or of first rank Supplement Function–Protein • Provides amino acids to build all cells and muscle tissue—you build and/or rebuild 300 billion cells a day. • You have to get amino acids from food, the body can not manufacture its own. • Amino acids make up at least part…
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