Marathon Training Tips

Running a marathon is hard enough let alone trying to figure out all the other things that go along with it. Find out how to get a shoe ready for a marathon, eating during your race or long runs, what clothes to wear, how to hydrate properly, find training plans, is walking ok? Know what to expect and gain the confidence to have a worry free race.

10% Rule

When beginning a running or walking program, people often want to know how to increase mileage (or exercise duration) quickly without getting injured. Nothing sets back runners like an injury and it discourages a lot of people from wanting to get back out there. An important way to protect yourself and increase your enjoyment is to…
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16 Week Marathon Training Plan

This marathon training program is designed for anyone who has the goal of finishing a marathon and is not concerned about how fast their time will be. Runners who start this program need to be averaging at least 15 miles per week before starting. Just like the 25-week program the key is to follow the…
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25 Week Marathon Training Plan

Even if you have never run a step this 25-week training program is designed to help you train for and finish a marathon. It is important for those who may be new to the sport of running to start slowly and build week by week, giving the body time to adjust. More experienced runners are…
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Blisters and Chafing

Have you noticed an increase in blisters or chafing in those “not so nice” areas? During running, chafing and blistering of the skin is caused by friction. Eliminate the friction—the chafing and blistering will go away automatically. There are a couple of key ways to eliminate the friction: technical clothing and anti-chafing products. Clothing Technical…
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Carbo Loading

By Debbie Perry A Pocket Guide to Pre race Carbo-Loading Most endurance athletes have heard of something called carbohydrate-loading. If you’re new to the endurance world and don’t know much about this concept, it’s an important one if you are going to attempt any endurance event lasting over an hour. Carbo-loading is when you eat…
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Dress Code

by Katie McDonald Neitz from Runner’s World Guide to Road Racing Check the weather, and dress for your race as if it’s about 20 degrees F warmer than the thermometer actually reads.  This rule of thumb helps you dress for how warm you’ll feel at mid-run, not the first mile, when your body is still…
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Dressing for Winter Running

Does the thought of running in the cold send shivers down your spine? Here are some tips that work wonders for the best time of the year for running. Winter weather is the best for running…if you’re prepared. Is the fear of winter weather legitimate? There is no question that if runners are improperly clothed…
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What are electrolytes? Electrolyte is a medical/scientific term for salts, specifically ions. They’re important for many reasons: Electrolytes are what your cells (especially nerve, heart, and muscle cells) use to maintain voltages across their cell membranes Electrolytes and carry electrical impulses (nerve impulses and muscle contractions) across themselves and to other cells. When electrolytes have…
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Energy Gels and Sports Drinks

Bonking is when the body runs out of necessary sugar energy and is forced to turn to other less efficient sources of energy. Sugar is the only thing the body can use for energy, so when it runs out, it’s forced to convert protein (muscle) into sugar. This conversion process has serious side effects. When…
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Finding Time to Run

Now that you have decided to give running a go, how do you know that life is not going to stop you dead in your tracks?  There are all those barricades to success that try to stop us from taking care or ourselves like family, work, community and other interests. So here are some quick…
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