I have spent years running alone, but joining a women’s running group has added socialization, fun, and extra motivation to my running workouts. Aimee is an experienced and kind running coach, and knows how to design just the right kind of running and core workouts to challenge but not overwhelm women at all ages and stages of fitness. After just 3 months of twice-weekly workouts, I was pleased to cut 17 seconds off my mile time. I love this group and plan to return next season!
Aimee is a superstar coach and person! Her workouts are tailored for all levels. I look forward to this group, it is has improved my running dramatically, but best of all I have made wonderful friends!  
When I joined the Women’s Running Group almost 2 years ago, I was a little nervous because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up. My fears were groundless. Coach Aimee does a fantastic job making sure the workouts suit every runner in the group. Whether you’re fast or slow, young or old, it doesn’t matter – you’ll get a great workout at your level. And Aimee always makes it fun! She has created a very welcoming, inclusive, and supportive atmosphere in our group. This group is what gets me out of bed on those days when I’m not really feeling it. By myself, it is unlikely I would have been doing hill repeats, speed workouts, running when it’s freezing cold or just too hot – but knowing these women are waiting for me motivates me to get out there. I also love all the various locations around the valley where we run. I’ve even been getting some PRs in my races this year, and I attribute that to the variety of workouts that Aimee has coached. This Women’s Running Group has been the best, and Coach Aimee is who makes it so. We laugh a lot together and work hard too. I couldn’t have wished for a better coach than Aimee!
~Pascale de Rozario


Aimee Larkin has the uncanny ability to work with runners of all skill levels and help them achieve their own personal best. I met Aimee when I joined her running group in Little Rock Arkansas. As we would run, Aimee would run along side us and circle through the group, checking in on each of us and giving us the encouragement and perspective we needed to succeed. For me, these words of wisdom amounted to my blueprint for success as a runner. With Aimee’s encouragement, I completed my first half marathon a few years ago and continue to run and weight train to this day. I sincerely recommend Aimee to anyone looking for help in reaching their running and fitness goals.        ~Kristen Halpin, Little Rock Arkansas