Your Story–Don M.–55 yrs

A great story about how it is never to late to start running, to have a goal and do speedwork!

I started to think fitness after a boating accident @ Pineview. I had to do daily rehab. and started going to the Stewart Rehab Center for help. Then I was nominated to run with the Olympic Torch Relay in 2002. I thought, “I have to run, holding a torch, I better train!” That was the beginning. I decided to run the Ogden Marathon, at age 49, that same year (with no real training and a 3 mile long run). The result was a 5:27:00 finish time. But I did it!

My goal for 2003 was under 4 hours. I started regular running, found a running group and finished with a 3:54:59 that year. Now I was hooked! I started road biking as well as running. I finished the LOTOJA in 2004 (before dark). All my marathons were just under 4 hours, 3:59, 3:55, 3:54, etc…. I know I wanted to qualify for Boston but I seemed to be stuck in a rut. I couldn’t seem to improve. Year after year Boston was my goal but seemed so far away. Guy and Debbie Perry referred me to Paul Pilkington, a friend and distance coach at WSU. I learned new and different types of training like intervals, tempo, strides, ladders, etc….I learned the importance of the warm-up and the cool-down. I started an associaton with great runners, with lofty goals.

Well, I qualified for Boston at both Ogden and St. George in 2007. Boston for me was just a dream and a goal that seemed impossible to acheive. However, with lots of dedication, hard work, time, coaching, sweat, blood, and good friends, it finally happened. After qualifying, I couldn’t wait to go. Finally the time came and I was on cloud 9. It was an amazing “World Class” event! The Women’s Maration Olympic Trials were held the day before the Marathon. Wow, what an opportunity to watch the best we have, right up close. I took my whole family (8) and had an awesome week, Boston is my favorite city. It was well worth the time, effort and $$$. Until our next “Adventure!”

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