What’s Hot: Seamless Tanks and Tops

Ooooh, Where Are The Seams?

By Amanda TheoBald

So, here we are in the tail of winter and I wanted to tell you about my new favorite trend in running wear. Seamless tops. These pieces have been on the running market for a really long time, because the concept is awesome. While flat lock stitching is awesome and generally not abrasive, why not do away with seams all together? Why risk the chafe? Why not have a super smooth look to every part of your running garment? Sounds great!

Well in the past they weren’t great. They were always cut wrong; as if they just weaved a tube of fabric to slip over your body. Except none of us are tube shaped. While some would beg to differ, I actually do have curves so it would be really tight in certain areas. Obviously making me feel gross looking. This lack of shape would also cause them to ride up which was incredibly annoying and even more unattractive.

Yet, I have good news, there are actually some seamless pieces out there that look super cute and fit well. The apparel design teams of Nike and Moving Comfort finally realized we aren’t all tube-shaped. Glory, glory! Another great thing about seamless tops is they generally have really cool dye treatments. Instead of adding interest by using a differently colored thread at the seams they create cool prints and lines throughout the garment. This makes them look really unique to anything else in your wardrobe, even if you have printed stuff.

Right now we have four really awesome tops- The Moving Comfort Flex Hoodie and Tank and the Nike Dri-Fit Knit Long Sleeve and Tank. All of these tops are cut well, making them attractive and comfortable. They are super technical- which lets you use them by themselves or as a base layer because they wick awesomely. The long sleeves are even made with thumbholes to keep your hands warm. The Flex Hoodie, obviously has a hood, and an adorable, adjustable rouched collar. The hood is light enough that when you aren’t wearing it on your head, you can’t even tell it’s there. The tank is thick strapped, racerback design, with a little cut out where the straps connect in the back. The Nike tops look more technical with elongating color blocking and super flattering lines. The colors in this top are heathered (meaning the colored yarns are blended with greys making them look lighter and almost flecked with grey) and the fabric is very soft.

Seamless tops are definitely something worth adding to your wardrobe whether you need another base layer, something that looks like nothing else you own, or even just a comfy top to hang out in.


Moving Comfort Flex Hoodie


Moving Comfort Flex Hoodie


Nike Seamless long sleeve


Nike Seamless Long-sleeve


Nike Seamless Tank


Moving Comfort Flex Tank

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