Wasatch Back Relay Checklist

Wasatch Back Relay Checklist

Packing for24-hour race that you have never done before can be a daunting task.  That is why we have polled our Wasatch Back veterans for a checklist of all of the things that you must have in your pack and all of the things that you will wish you had packed when you head out to the relay.  We also have a few suggestions for packing that may make it so you think of things that aren’t on the list.

Suggestion 1: Run through some scenarios in your head.  Picture the race taking place.

  • You will be running three legs, right?  That means you should pack at least five changes of clothes.  Go with me on this one.  You are going to run your first leg.  Do you think that you are going to want to sit in the van for the next 6 hours in those reisty clothes and then hop back out, feeling fresh, to do your next leg?   Ehhh, you won’t.  Instead, you will want a fresh change of clothes (including socks) for each of the three legs.  You will also want to have a daytime outfit to wear between legs and a nightime outfit for between legs (this one should be a little warmer).  And in case shoes didn’t run through your mind when picturing this scenario.  You will want to have two pair of shoes with you, and likely three…

Suggestion 2:  Eat real food- that means you may have to pack real food 😉

  • You may not feel like you want to want to eat when you are out there running your little fannies off during all times  of day an night.  But believe us, you HAVE TO EAT!  Practice eating before and after your runs during this last week to figure out what types of food and beverage you fancy when it’s runnin’ time.  Please, we beg of you, don’t plan to sustain yourself on energy gels and protein bars all weekend.  Pooping is a good thing; we promise it is better than the alternative.

Suggestion 3:  Keep the van organized

  • When there are 6-7 people stuffed in to a van, most likely a mini-van, you want to maintain your space.  Especially since you will be running and sleeping on a very unusual schedule.  So, keep your stinkies in a bag and keep your things organized- unless you are hoping that no one in the van will want to speak to you on the other side.  One way that we recommend to stay organized is with one of those Sterlite 6 drawer organizing stands.  You know them, the scrapbook mommies have one in every room and they use them to organize everything from hair clips to mail.  Each drawer can be assigned to one runner in the van and can be used for things that need to be accessed frequently such as wallets, cell phones, reflective vests, neck pillows, etc.

In case you haven’t thought about everything you may have to take yet, check out the packing list below.  Even if you have figured out what you are bringing along for the run, someone on your team may still be wondering, so pass it along to your team captain and team mates to share.

Wasatch Back Relay Checklist

Things You Must Have                                               Things You’ll Wish You Had

                                 Reflective Vest                                                                    Shower Wipes

                                 Head Lamp                                                                        Extra pair of shoes                                          

                                 Flashing Lights                                                                    Extra shorts

                                 Hydration System                                                                Extra running shirts

                                 Extra water bottles                                                              Extra Socks

                                Energy drink                                                                         The Stick

                                Recovery drink                                                                    Compression Apparel

                                Blister/First Aid Kit                                                              Compression Calf Sleeves

                                Bodyglide                                                                            Electrolyte Supplements

                                Hat or Visor                                                                         Running Watch

                                Sunglasses                                                                           Heart Monitor

                                Energy Gels/Blocks                                                              Speed/Distance Monitor

                                 Sun Screen                                                                          Alternate Hydration System

                                 Ice                                                                                      Hand Held Water Straps

                                Warm clothes                                                                       Book/Magazine

                                Drinking water                                                                     Music

                                Drenching water                                                                  Wash Cloth

                                Real Food                                                                           Blanket

                               Cooler                                                                                  Pillow

                               DEODERANT!!                                                                   Sleeping Bag

                                                                                                                            Extra Cash

                               Ibuprofen /Tylenol                                                                 Games/Entertainment


                                                                                                                            Washable Car Markers

Suggestion #4: Have fun and get plenty of rest…or just have fun because you won’t get plenty of rest.

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