Under Control: Getting the Right Bra

by Kris Gill
Kris lives just outside Washington DC (Takoma Park MD).  She is a mother of 2 (2yr old and 5 yr old).  Kris has more than 10 years of experience in the sporting goods industry and has been working as a Sports Bra Expert (Fanatic) for over 7 years (gravity is not your friend, a good sports bra on the other hand…).  In fact Kris is such an expert that she launched and managed Moving Comfort’s Sports Bra Outreach for 3 years.   In her spare time she coaches the local high school Ultimate Frisbee Team as she is a retired player.   

If you would like to meet Kris in person or would like to have her as your professional bra fitter, join us for our Diva Day on May 18th.  Kris will be hosting bra fitting clinics and be doing personalized bra fits throughout the day.


 I am one of those people you do not want to meet if you aren’t under control.  I’m not talking about being emotionally under control or organized.  I’m talking about boobs.  My name is Kris and I am a sport bra expert/fanatic.  I am that person who stops you mid-run to talk to you about the support your sport bra is providing (or most likely not providing).  Yes, you might try to out run me at first, but think about it….a sport bra is a highly technical piece of equipment and you need the right one for you.  It will help you workout more efficiently and comfortably.  A good sport bra is as important as a good pair of running shoes, sometimes more important.  Did you know that 4 out of 5 women are wearing the wrong size bra?  Don’t worry though there is help.

When shopping for a performance sport bra here is where to start.  Flip your sport bra inside out and really look at what is supporting you.  A sport bra’s support comes from either compression (holding the breasts to the chest wall) or encapsulation (holding each breast individually).  A combination of both usually works best.  When looking for a new sport bra, you need to look at the 3 pieces of construction:  bottom band, cups and straps. 

 First, are the straps.  This is what most people assume is the most supportive aspect of the bra, but that is incorrect.   Your straps should have a stabilizer in the front and not stretch.  If they are moving, so is the rest of you and that isn’t good.

Second, are the cups.  There should be some sort of cups built into the sport bra to support each breast.  Make sure you are completely in the cups.

Last, but definitely not least, there is the bottom band.  This does all the heavy lifting.  You want your band more snug than your lingerie bra, but one that doesn’t make it difficult to breathe deeply. 

 Okay now you know how a good sport bra is built.  The next step is the most important:  The Fit

Here are two examples of bras that don’t fit well.  The bra on the left rides up in the back. The bra on the right is not big enough and has side spillage.

How does this performance sport bra work for you?  Try it on and let’s see.  Does the bra feel comfortable?  Does it ride up the back?  Are you completely contained in the bra or is there spillage?  Does the band stay on your chest wall or creep up onto your breasts?

 The best way to see if this sport bra will support you is to mimic your actions.  Run in place.  Jump around.  Twist and shout.  If there is minimal bounce and the bra moves with you, not on you, then this just might be your next BFF. 

 Remember like your running shoes, sport bras wear out and breakdown.  They should be replaced every 6 to 12 months depending on its use. 

                [Here is a hint:  if you can’t read the label inside your bra, you probably need a new one.]

 Gravity may not be your friend, but a good sport bra is and together we can get you under control.

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