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I went for a run this morning at 7:00 am and I realized that glove and long sleeve season is

coming into full swing. In talking with a lot of runners (I teach a running class), I have noticed that the biggest concern about running in the winter is the cold. If you want to stay outside, the better way to do it, investing in some good winter running clothes is a must. I like to use layers because as you warm up during the run, which you will, you can unzip or peel off unwanted layers and still stay warm. If you don’t care to stay outside, the logical place to go is inside-to a treadmill. My tip for the week relates to this winter treadmill training.
Tip #1: If you want to train on a treadmill, but you plan to do events that are outside on the pavement, you must increase the incline of the treadmill 1-2%. This will insure that you make up for the work that the treadmill does for you by moving your feet while they are underneath you.

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