Trail Running Tips

Trail running is a wonderful addition to any workout regime. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned trail runner, we’ve assembled tips and product features that will help you get the most from your workout.

7 Tips to Transition from the Road to the Trail

Trail running is a great way to start or renew your passion for running.  By abandoning the city streets and heading up to the trails, you leave behind the traffic, the noise, the dirty air, and the chaos of city life.  You are then transported to a quite, serene, challenging, beautiful place to run and…
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Discover the Pipeline Trail!

The Pipeline Trail is one of my absolute favorite places to trail run! It offers varying degrees of difficulty, as well as lots of options for distances.  I will take you through the different trails and give you an idea of what to expect when you go out and try them for yourself. Depending on…
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Funky Trail Shoes

By Scott Dickey SLRC Staff Member Every now and then a shoe will come out that completely breaks the mold of a typical running shoe.  Recently Hoka has done exactly that. The  Mafate Trail Shoe is unlike any other trail shoe I have ever seen or used. When Nicolas Mermoud first brought these shoes into…
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Hooked on Trails

by Memphis Hood Hi, my name is Memphis and I am a trail-aholic. I have been addicted for over 2 years. I’ve lost several girlfriends, shoes, and toenails because of this addiction. I remember my first fix just like it was yesterday. I had just moved to Salt Lake City, and felt like I was…
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Learn to Trail Run!

  August is a great time of year here in Utah. It’s also my favorite time of the year to run trails. Many of our customers express interest in trail running, but for some it can be scary and intimidating. Our focus during the month of August will be to introduce more people to the…
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Race Preview: 2013 Park City Trail Series Half Marathon

Sit back and picture yourself on a beautiful mountain.  The air is crisp, the sagebrush is emitting the scent of the desert as it blows in the wind, and you are staring at a post-card-perfect vista of the Wasatch Back. Sounds enticing? Just wait. It is the future, but not far into the future, just…
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Trail Running Basics

Trail running is different from road running. This article gives you the basics to get started and have an enjoyable trail run. A trail run offers twists and turns, rocks, trees, branches, mud, snow, up hills and the down hills, and altitude changes. Although these are hazards to be aware of, they also contribute to…
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Trail Running Equipment Tips

Quick tips: The best equipment for a successful trail run. Shoes: If you aren’t running on rough or uneven trails, a road running shoe will probably do. Use a trail shoe when running on more technical, rugged rocky terrain. A good trail shoe will offer more rigidity, support and protection. These features will allow you…
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Trail Shoes

Road running shoes will generally work for trails that are relatively flat and dirt packed.  A good trail running shoe will allow you to run more comfortably, faster and with more control when running on rocky, uneven trails.  Trail running shoes typically are more rigid and have a little more support than road running shoes.…
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Training for my first 100-mile ultramarathon

By Dave Buckles I remember my first 26.2.  I had just bought the latest and greatest and most expensive Nikes on the block, the first Nike 360s ever made, and at just a shade under 150 bucks, they’ve got to help me run this distance.  I was in the Marines, and had been able (thus…
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Bonneville Shoreline Trail North
Trails near and around Salt Lake City starting at City Creek Canyon and going south to Parleys Canyon (I-80)

Bonneville Shoreline Trail South
Trails near and around Salt Lake city starting at Parelys Canyon (I-80) and going south towards Draper

Millcreek Canyon
Divided in Upper and lower Mill Creek Canyon. The Pipeline Trail in lower Mill Creek is very flat and scenic. Upper Mill Creek is more rugged and steep. It provides access to the Great Western Trail System and is perfect for intense hill work, ultra mountain running, and escaping hot summer days. Admission is $2.50 per car

Draper City Trails
One of the benefits of Draper’s location in the southeastern corner of the Salt Lake Valley is convenient access to trails. Within a five minute drive, residents can be on high quality trails in the pristine Corner Canyon region or soaking in the 100 mile vistas from the top of Suncrest. Whether you’re in the mood for a light morning stroll or strenuous rocky mountain day hike, Draper has the trail for you.

Park City Trails
Welcome to the Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District. The District is committed to providing quality parks and recreational experiences for residents and visitors in the Snyderville Basin. We hope you will take the time to explore our new website and discover many of the fitness, fun and outdoor opportunities we offer families, children and adults