An essential macronutrient—“protos” means come first or of first rank

Supplement Function–Protein
• Provides amino acids to build all cells and muscle tissue—you build and/or rebuild 300
billion cells a day.
• You have to get amino acids from food, the body can not manufacture its own.
• Amino acids make up at least part of all enzymes in the body. There are thousands of
different enzymes and ten of thousands of different enzymes reactions in the body that
influence everything from energy production to brain chemistry to immunity.
• Stimulates muscle growth and repair (when muscle has been exercised.)
• Decreases recovery time after workouts therefore allowing for more volume or intensity
than training without proper protein intake.
• Strengthens immune system.
• Reduces perceived exertion during workouts and races. You don’t feel as tired.
• Increases testosterone in men.
• Stimulates fat burning hormone glucagon and builds metabolically active muscle tissue.
Also suppresses appetite.
• Elevates resting metabolic rate during day and night. The fat burning response from
eating a high protein meal can be 40% greater than high carbs.

Supplement function—Whey Protein Isolate—why whey?
• The highest quality protein currently available meaning it has the largest percentage of
amino acids available to be used by the body per serving.
• A “clean burning” protein that does not leave ammonia residue
• Processed at low temperated and therefore non denatured.
• Easily digestible and no lactose
• Economical. Cheaper per 20g serving than most grocery store hamburger.

Supplement recommendations
• Look up daily recommended dose (see other side) and divide into 5-6 small meals
throughout the day. Amino acids constantly flush from the body and need to be
continually restocked.
• The body can not use more than about 25% percent of daily intake at one time. However
25% may be taken after a hard strength training workout.
• Use whey protein isolate for at least 2 servings. A protein shake in morning and one at
night or post workout.
• When picking whey protein isolate. The label should only have that form of protein and
then little flavor, color and non calorie sweetener. Short, sweet, no other watered down
forms of protein or fillers or chemicals.
• Use high quality WILD fish or game or low fat cultured dairy for other forms of protein.
Keep all protein from being dried out or overcooked. Bring on the sushi and medium
rare buffalo!


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