There is no finish line

By: Debbie

I am totally excited to be posting regularly on this blog. I will talk about training, technical stuff, nutrition, racing and any other tidbits that have to do with helping you accomplish whatever you are setting out to do. But, I have been asked to first and foremost to post “MY STORY.” (See previous post)

A good place to start I guess mostly because most of you don’t know the full circle that my athletic life has traveled. That journey is a big part of why I now passionately pursue the study of health, fitness and human performance on all levels. I really like how this all ties together in body, mind and spirit. So I hope that no matter what age or ability you are, that you will come to understand that “I have so been there.”

So, this blog will be an eclectic mix of topics suited for all types of people pursing different types of goals. And even though we are all trying to get to that said “finish line” of our chosen event, I have come to realize that the Nike motto of not so long ago is completely correct…”There is no finish line.”

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