The Joy of the Discovery Run

By B.J. Christensen

I have been living in Utah now for 11 years and every so often, like many runners, I choose to leave the comfort of my normal running routes and go on what I call a discovery run.  Without fail when I do this I usually walk away from the run saying to myself, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” Utah is abundant in beautiful terrain that other states only dream of, and more often than not, it is right in our back yard.

So beginning with this discovery run I hope to make this a monthly feature and something I hope more people will do and discover like I have some of the beauty that makes running in Utah so great.

DISCOVERY RUN #1:  Farmington Bay dyke roads.

I have a client I have been training for some time who brought this particular run to my attention.  I have been looking for a place to run on dirt roads with flat terrain so that I don’t smash my legs so much.  Well if some of you are looking for the same then look no further because this is the place.  I needed to do a 20 mile long run and running 2 laps around the waterfowl management area just about does the trick.

I started my run accessing the dyke roads from just off Glover Lane in Farmington.  And from the very beginning it was absolutely awesome.  Here is the map for the near 10 mile loop I did but you can run it shorter or longer if you choose.  http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=5085232

As you begin your run you become entranced by the beauty of the wetlands and the waterfowl who call it home.  Pictures do not do it justice but here are a few I grabbed with my phone.


The road was nicely packed and it really took away the beating like I hoped it would.  I fell in love with this gem of a route and will be putting it in my routine more frequently.

If you are looking to head out there and run it is a protected area and there are some restrictions and they can be found here. http://wildlife.utah.gov/habitat/farmington_bay.php

The next time I run I hope to do it at sunset which should set itself up as one of the most beautiful on record.  Also please be respectful and make sure you take your garbage with you.  Also pack some fluid because there are no aid stations on the dyke roads.  Other than that I hope you have as much fun as I did on this discovery run.



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