The 5 Components of Pain

By Dr. Michael Cerami


Over my years in practice, I’ve recognized some common trends related to pain. Although not inclusive, this list covers many of the “pain generators” in the athletes I work with.

  1. 1.      FOOT PRONATION

Pronation occurs when the feet roll inwards, placing weight on the inside arch of the foot. 85% of the population has this condition. Proper assessment of where the foot interfaces with the shoe is vital to determine the degree of correction needed. Our office also can digitally scan your feet to determine a “pronation index” to see how you compare to normal.



Misalignments of joints throughout the body can actually cause pain (follow this link:  http://saltlakerunning.com/home/2010/12/energy-medicine-part-2-joints-proprioception-and-pain ). Hip rotation and improper foot alignment above cause most knee problems in my experience. 90% of all the new patients I see have at least some degree of hip rotation causing shortness in one leg. This problem is usually very easy to correct without heel lifts or multiple office visits.

  1. 3.     WEAK MUSCLES

Weak muscles or muscle integration can be tested quickly but is often overlooked. Because our practice treats a lot of athletes (soccer players, bikers, runners and triathletes) we always test the muscles in the involved or painful area to determine if there is a neurological disconnect between the spinal nerve root and the tested muscles. These “short-circuits” can make the difference between a long term sustainable change and short lived pain relief.




Misalignments or subluxations in the spinal column and low back/pelvic junction can result in poor adaptive compensation throughout the body. Research also suggests that subluxations affect your ability to heal properly and perform at your maximum level. Restoring neuro-spinal integrity improves balance and function.



This problem is usually the last part that shows up in an injury unless it’s an acute incident. Treating inflammation can be done using a variety of methods from drugs to ice and all have their positive and negative. We treat inflammation and pain with Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM). By focusing a specific coded current into one of five areas (nerve, soft tissue, muscle, ligament, or tendon), we can quickly reduce inflammation and pain which will speed the healing process and allow the patient to get back to activity much sooner.

More Information: If you want to learn more about evaluating your pain or injury, please join me this Saturday, March 23rd, from 12:30 to 1:30pm for “PAIN: The Good, Bad and Ugly; How to Determine What You Have and What To Do About It”. Location: Salt Lake Running Company, 700 East store.

Dr. Michael Cerami owns Utah Sports and Wellness and has been a competitive triathlete for over 18 years. He is available for a no charge consultation one Saturday per month at The Salt Lake Running Company (700 East store) by appointment. He can be reached at 801-486-1818 or online at www.utahsportsandwellness.com

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