Realizing I was a bit out of shape after not being able to run more than a city block, I knew it was time for a change.  After a few years of recreational running my competitive side started to kick in, that is when I met Rebecca and enlisted her as my running coach.  Her personalized workout program, running form improvement sessions, and motivational feedback pushed me to place highly in my age group in my favorite annual race (through Disney)! She even tracked me online and sent me texts of encouragement during the races!
I’ve recommended both recreational and competitive runners to Becca, and can’t speak highly enough  about her expertise.  Thanks to Rebecca I’ve found a love of running.
~Chad Spain
Coach Becca worked with our daughter for over a year. In that time our daughter made improvements in both cross country and distance track that resulted in her receiving multiple Division I scholarship offers.  As a coach, Becca employed specific techniques aimed at lengthening her stride, teaching her strategy for the track and helping her mentally prepare and plan for each race. She used her knowledge of research-based techniques and positive coaching practices that resulted in her athletes trusting her wisdom and advice. Most importantly, Coach Becca is a great example and mentor who my daughter look up to and respects. Our daughter emerged as a stronger physical and mental runner thanks to Coach Becca.
~Rian Jensen
I had the pleasure to have been coached by Rebecca Bennion (Becca) for my half marathon training! I’m 63 yrs old but I did my first race at age 49! I finished a few through the years, but I wanted to be better prepared and physically able to not only finish but do it well! I sought out a coach to help me do this! Entered my coach from TOSH Rebecca!
When I came I was somewhat in shape but Becca saw my strengths and weaknesses and  never made me feel bad! She worked with me to increase my endurance work on my gait, and stamina. It was done in a safe gradual but consistent manner pushing me when she could see I could do it! It gave me the confidence to move on! She was not only my coach but became my friend which was the best part of the experience she cared about the whole person!
I did my race in the fall of 2017 I was so ready and  prepared, I felt the best and prepared completely! On mile 7 I was cruising feeling great, no pain, great energy. Then a freak accident happened and I tripped and fell on a road marker in the road! I landed wrong and broke my arm and shoulder! I was in pain and devastated! When I returned to Utah for surgery Rebecca stood by me, helped me navigate the healthcare  system and find an amazing Doctor! I was down but not out!
After surgery and rehab at TOSH, I made the decision to enter another race in Utah in 8 months! Again we began training I felt my legs my spirit and my will had 13.1 Miles in me that had to be finished! Rebecca encouraged me pushed me and gave me the confidence to go again! In June of the next year I completed my half marathon not as well as I had hoped but I finished and I was given a sense of redemption! Considering the extent of my injury I was so blessed to have been able to compete, finish and redeemed!
I can not say enough about the mental, physical,  emotion support I received from this amazing woman my coach, my friend, Rebecca. I will always be thankful to have had her in my life! Anyone would be blessed and lucky to have her as their coach!
~Yolanda Bunderson
Coach Bennion has coached our two sons in cross country and track for the past three years at Alta High School. Coach Bennion’s coaching style is to build self-confidence in student athletes. She motivates students through positive reinforcement and encouragement. Coach Bennion identifies strengths in students and builds upon those strengths to help them succeed. Coach Bennion is also very knowledgeable about training and athletic preparation. She is clear in her instructions. We highly recommend Coach Bennion.
~Julie Valentine (mother of Ian and Brenton Valentine)
I was training for my first half marathon after suffering a tibial fracture.  Rebecca met with me to determine my goals,  and create a consistent schedule.  She gave me a method for scoring my exercises to help her determine what alterations to make to my program as we went along.  It was great to have someone there to make a schedule specific for me, not just one off the internet made for anyone.  She also was able to offer advice and cheer me on, even when I felt like I wasn’t making progress, she could show me that I was. I would 100% recommend Rebecca to anyone who is looking to train for a half marathon or a marathon, or even returning to run after an injury.  I wouldn’t have crossed that finish line without her.
~Sarah Spain

I saw Rebecca on an afternoon news show talking about the TOSH fitness program about 8 or 9 years ago and heard ads for it on the radio. At that time, I was 60 years old trying to figure out how I was going to lose weight and get back in shape. When I signed up, they asked me some questions about what I was looking for in the program. I told them that I needed to lose weight and wanted to get back in shape. I arrived early and Rebecca and I talked about the information on my sign-up sheet. She helped me pick out weights that would be best for me to start with and did the same with other things we were working with. I felt like she was taking it easy on me and she told me that she didn’t want me to overdo my first day. I must be honest; I was sore and wasn’t sure if I was going back the next morning. But I went.  Rebecca watched me walking in and asked me how I felt. Rebecca talked to me about where I was sore wanted to make sure I was okay. This was the first time anyone had ever acted like this when I went to exercise.

When I started, I weighed over 260 pounds and it was a struggle to do some of the exercises. Rebecca was very helpful making things work for me. Every morning when I got to exercise, she had our exercise list on a white board for us. We had 5 or 6 people every morning in the class at all different level. It amazed me how she was able to work with everyone in the class even though we were on different levels. She had away to bring out everyone’s best effort while we were exercising.

I lost over 50 pound the first year I went and was getting in the best shape I had been in years. She started a running club on Saturday mornings on her own time for the people who wanted to go. I went to that also which really helped my Cardio.  I have asthma so this was hard for me. When we started, I could barely run around 400-meter track and by the time the running club was over I could do 3 laps around the 400-meter track and even ran/walked a 5K.

Besides being a great coach and trainer, she is an amazing young woman.
~Martin Wondershek

When I took up running in my early 50’s, I just hoped to complete 5Ks or possibly 10Ks in a reasonable time.  I never anticipated how much I would enjoy running.  So when I decided to become a ‘real runner’, Becca became my coach.

Becca worked with me one on one to analyze and determine what my running goals and ambitions were, what my fitness level was, and find what issues I was having with running form.  She developed a program designed just for me to improve my performance, avoid injury, meet my goals, grow stronger and more fit overall, and become a better runner.  She consistently met with me, monitored my progress, and made adjustments to our program as needed, and followed up to be sure I was on track with the program and making the gains we planned on.  My goals were her goals.  Even though I was older than the typical beginning runner, she was so supportive and enthusiastic.  She made me feel I could accomplish anything.

Becca has so much energy and enthusiasm, such a joyful and positive personality and outlook on life.  Her passion for health, fitness and running is contagious.  She brings out the best in everyone she coaches.  You can’t help but run happy when you’re working with Becca!  She’s awesome!