This group has been pivotal for me over the two rounds that I have completed (Summer 2018 and Spring 2019). I’ve learned how to run smarter, faster, and stronger than I ever could have without the support of groupmates and coaches. I’ve also learned about nutrition, racing strategies, and built a growing running community.  As someone who had no previous running experience – I was the person who quit high school track after one day – I was intimidated at first to start a running group, thinking that I needed to be faster, or fit some mold of what a “real runner is”, but my experience from the start has been nothing but welcoming and supportive. As I have gained confidence and experience, the group has served to accommodate harder workouts and bigger running goals. I reorganized my schedule this spring so that I could come back and I am so glad that I did! 

~Allie Kolaski

“I can’t say enough good things about Lin Sweeney and her marathon / half marathon running group. Lin does a great job of using your goal race pace to compose workouts that make you faster, tougher, and more confident in your ability to run at your goal race pace. The group itself, which is composed of runners of all levels, also makes a difference in your training by naturally grouping you with other runners that push you on your fast runs and keep you company and make you laugh on your slow runs. I started in the running group never having run more than a half marathon, and after 4 months I reached my goal of being a Boston Marathon qualifier. It was a goal I had been struggling with for two years, and I can’t thank Lin enough for helping me get there. So if you have any kind of running goal, sign up for the group. I promise that you will not get any closer to it than you would with some grit and Lin’s help.” – Phill


I love this training program!  After running half marathons for over 10 years, I found I was in need of something to energize my running and my race performance.  At the end of the 13 weeks, I definitely felt a difference in my running.   Each week I looked forward to my training days with the group.  If you are new to distance running, or want to run your 1st half or full marathon, or just wanting a tune up with your training program, I would highly recommend this program.  

~Rhonda Uber

I would highly recommend Coach Linn to anyone looking for professional guidance to improve his/her running and overall fitness. Linn took the time to get to know my history and goals before developing a comprehensive training plan tailored specifically for me. I found her to be extremely helpful and encouraging with consistent check-ins and feedback. With Coach Linn’s help, I made huge strides in pace and endurance, and can now complete long runs (18+ miles) at a SUB 8-min/mile pace, whereas before I was averaging around 9-min/mile pace. Under her guidance, I qualified and participated in the 2019 Boston Marathon.

~Julie Beckstrom