Taking your Running to the Next Level

By Elizabeth Jenkins


So you ran the Dirty Dash? The Color Run? The Ragnar? The Salt Lake Half-Marathon? How about taking your running to the next level? Think you’ve got what it takes? There are plenty of opportunities to find out if you do over the next few months. With another marathon or half marathon happening almost every weekend in the Salt Lake area there really aren’t many excuses…unless of course, you are a wimp.

If you are contemplating taking the next step and attempting a longer distance race, you are most certainly not  a wimp and you are not alone in your quest for excellent human performance. Go ahead and lift your left arm, pull up your sleeve and kiss that bicept. Oh yeah, you got this.

Something interesting happens to a runner when they set a goal to do something they don’t think they can do. They get a little twitchy and start talking really fast, they drink lots of water, their IQ actually increases by about 4%, and their shorts get shorter. What? It’s a true story.

This is the perfect time of year to start planning and preparing for your first longer race. Whether you are a couch potato looking to do your first 5K, a marathon runner looking to do your first 100 miler, or anyone in between, there is ALWAYS a next level, and there are some serious changes you will have to make to your training.

Basics for sticking to your goal:

1. Pick a race and actually register. Stop making excuses or setting yourself up for failure. Just PAY already. Sometimes races can be expensive, but I guarantee you won’t be sitting at home on race day thinking about how happy you are that you were a cheapo…because if you don’t spend the money on the race, chances are it will go toward something much less fulfilling…like your children.

2. Find a training plan or put one together for your event. Some people join a running group or run alone and follow a pre-written plan. To those runners, I say good job. That takes a lot of will power and mental focus to stick with, especially on those days when you just don’t want to get out of bed. These do-it-yourself plans don’t work for everyone. If you are someone who needs someone to keep you on the ball, we have valuable and affordable training options for you through Coach Lisa. Her job is to make your running/fitness/health goals come to fruition.

3. Tell someone close to you about your race. There is power in the spoken word. Verbalizing your goal will help you stick to it. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your co-workers. Count how many times people who don’t run ask you if you are going to win the race you are training for, and say YES every time.

Once you have done these things, you’re locked in! Baring any major unforeseen incidents, you WILL be at that starting line. To get you to the finish line, takes a little more effort. When you choose a race that is longer than anything you have yet trained for, you will soon realize that you will need more…of just about everything.  More gels, more gear, more deodorant, more FOOD, and more time.  Trust yourself, push yourself. Make your running dreams happen.

For more information on how to take your running to the next level, visit us at our 700 East store July 17th, 2012 for our “Taking Your Running to the Next Level” clinic at 6:00 pm. It’s free and informative.









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