10% Rule

When beginning a running or walking program, people often want to know how to increase mileage (or exercise duration) quickly without getting injured. Nothing sets back runners like an injury and it discourages a lot of people from wanting to get back out there. An important way to protect yourself and increase your enjoyment is to…

Get Real, Get Organized, Find Your True Self and Have More Fun.

t took a few years of repeating the same pattern until I started to notice a trend. I wasn’t a robot that could constantly follow the “ideal schedule” (life tends to throw things in our way) and more importantly, I would get burnt out by mid to late February and be totally bored of trying to squeeze everything in. It was starting to feel like a second or third job and the joy was gone.

Product Review: Extreme Endurance

Extreme Endurance Benefits – Improve Aerobic Threshold – Speeds up Recovery – Reduces Muscle Soreness – Replaces Electrolytes – Reduces Lactic Acid Build up During Exercise and Competition Dose If you work out 5-7 times a week take 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening for a total of 6 If you work out less than…