STRIVE is an internal force that coaxes you onward,
pushes you to reach deeper, to go farther.
STRIVE is inside all of us.
Now is the time to move, to live,

STRIVE  training group members get hands on coaching at weekly interval group run workouts with other like minded people. An experienced coach will be onsite to direct the workout, answer questions, and provide motivation for 5K to marathon distances.  All abilities and experience levels attend the workouts and you are welcome no matter where your fitness level is at.  STRIVE members also receive a run program suited to your ability sent via daily email through Training Peaks software.  More than anything STRIVE help you set goals, stay committed and receive help and encouragement along the way. Join now for that extra push you need to get out the door.

Benefits of STRIVE

  • STRIVE Performance Tee
  • Daily workout email through Training Peaks
  • Group workout options on Tuesday and Saturday
  • 3 Free Yoga sessions at Salt Lake Running Company in Winter months
  • Clinics
  • $15 Discount into RUN SLC Race Series (Session 1)
  • $15 Discount into Park City Trail Series (Session 2)
  • Nike STRIVE Tee

Free Workout

  • Come try a free workout!
  • Questions?   We have answers.
  • Date: Any Tuesday that works for you when STRIVE is in session
  • Time: 5:30pm @ 700e store
  • Bring a friend and be ready to run!


When do I get to start?

STRIVE 2017 Session 1

Jan 17 – Apr 1, 2017

STRIVE 2017 Session 2

Apr 18 – Jul 1, 2017

STRIVE 2017 Session 3

Jul 18-Oct 7, 2017

STRIVE 2017 Session 4

Oct 17-Dec 23, 2017