When you start a running program, you probably don’t plan on getting injured. And maybe, you hope to be able to keep running and feeling good for a long time. If that is the case, then you really need to add stretching to your training routine.  It will help you stay injury free, recover better and feel better.  Flexibility is also an essential part of being fit. So, here are a couple things to remember:

  • Stretch during or after a run.
  • Always make sure the muscles are warm first
  • Hold stretches for 30-60 seconds before releasing
  • Learn many different leg and core stretches. Sometimes aches and pains are from missing a muscle group.
  • Do yoga. You will learn a lot of different stretches this way. Use props if you are feeling too tired for the full pose
  • Stretch in a hot shower.
  • Plan a 25-30 minutes stretch session once a week in addition to doing key stretches following a run.

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