Sometimes change will do you good

By Debbie Perry

Ah yes, the predictability of the normal routine, the well traveled path and revisited goals.  Humans are creatures of comfortable habit for sure. I can’t say that it was an easy decision to move the “flagship” Highland drive SLRC location after 15 years of yearly growth. But, we were in need of something different. We were holding ourselves back and our vision for the running community back too. While some may cringe at the thought of rocking the boat that seems to float just fine, we figured it was time for a new motor.

And isn’t that how life goes on many levels? In order for us evolve as people in life and in sport, we have to find ways to create turbulence in our lives. Although, most of us might say we have enough turbulence already! Then, how about letting that massive mixing stir up a part of ourselves we never knew existed or dared to find out? Just let all the concerns go  and embrace the opportunity to become something more. At SLRC, we know its scary. You MIGHT lose something in the process, but MAN its well worth the risk(because you probably will only make gains and not lose anything except your fear).

Change in Sport

Since this site is focused on running and such, it seems appropriate to examine the possibility of self imposed change in your athletic life. At SLRC, we have heard hundreds of remarkable stories from all of you especially regarding your first taste of the fitness journey. How cool, how inspiring! But, have you ever thought, now what? I know I have on many occasions. But, that is not a bad thing. This is where a change in focus, goals or long term plan can dig out of you a dormant strength, trait or passion. So what are the options? What kind of changes are reasonable? FOR SURE, it is not always going longer or doing more, although sometimes it may be. Here are some ideas on what kind of changes help to challenge and recharge people while they make their way in the athletic jungle. But, BE CAREFUL, there are lions out there! They come in the form of overtraining or rushing a quest for fitness when life’s other commitments come calling. And trust me, that lion will eat you whole, poop you out in a mangled mess and not think twice.

When you are ready for a change, try the following options:

  • Go shorter and faster. It is exciting to go from marathons back down to a 5K or 10K training plan. This direction does not make you less of a runner, but it will make you faster! Same goes for Ironman. Its okay to go back and do sprints again. I promise that the race number slathered on your arm still looks cool.
  • Hire a coach.  Nothing like putting your life in someone else’s hands. But, be careful to pick one that you are comfortable with in personality and attitude.
  • Go off-road Sick of the roads?  Head to the mountains. Running, biking and triathlon all have trail options.
  • Do a Triathlon If you haven’t had some of that Kool-Aid, its pretty tasty and a fun way to train.
  • Learn to swim Triathlons or not, swimming is a GREAT sport. Totally “fun” for the brain since it’s very skill and technique oriented and BOY does it ever help to get off your legs 1,2 or 3 times a week. Just don’t quite when the 11 year-old girl in the lane next to you swims faster than you…while she’s warming up. We should have ALL started younger, you’re not the only one!
  • Add strength work Especially from Oct-March, this will really mix things up and wake muscles up you never knew existed.
  • Pick a race somewhere exotic location, location, location…recovering on a beach…you get the idea. Keeps training exciting up until, thats for sure.
  • Take a season off If you are not excited, then don’t force it, you and your body probably needs a break. Do you really have to do the same marathon again? Wait for the races to come to you emotionally. That means you are ready to give it a go.
  • Do an adventure race That should mix things up a bit!

So what are some of the changes you have made? Any from above? Something different? Are you considering making a change, but still a little nervous?  Come on, throw it out there. Tell us what has relit your fire!

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