January 25, 2020

We finally got a taste of winter precipitation this past week, and it looks like we have more in the forecast. (This might be a great time to talk about protective jackets!) While it feels like winter now, spring busy days will be here before we know it!

Busy Saturdays (and other days) are right around the corner. There are several things that we need to make sure that we do to prevent chaos and keep things running smoothly. If we don’t do these things, we create confusion, unnecessary stress, and the customer experience suffers. If we do these things right, our jobs are actually easier, and the customer experience will still be excellent.

  1. AT 700E, STICK TO YOUR ASSIGNED STATION. This is critical in making sure that all customers are helped in a timely and fair way. It helps us to know which sales associate is working with which customer. Politely let the customer know early on which station you will be at. This is easy if you lead them to the station as you start your conversation with them. Some customers will want to look at shoes at the shoe wall before trying them on. This is fine. In this case, once you are done at the shoe wall, let them know where you will meet them with shoes to try on. If they sit at a different spot, take the shoes to the correct station and politely ask them to come to you. Once all sales associates are working with customers, the floor leader acts like a host in a restaurant and brings new customers to your second station.
  2. KEEP YOUR STATIONS TIDY. We do not want to bring out any more shoes than are necessary to give the customer a full selection. Part of the EDIT in GEAR is editing down the selection to the best 2-3 options for the customer based on their needs. Help the customer eliminate options as they go, and quickly box up and remove the options that do not work. We also save space by placing the shoes on top of the boxes, instead of beside them on the ground. Lastly, make sure that your shoes are not spread out into a walkway.
  3. GET ELIMINATED OPTIONS TO THEIR PROPER PLACE IN THE SHOE ROOM ASAP. We cannot allow missed sales for items that we have in stock. When a shoe is not in the proper place in the shoe room, the chance of this happening increases. As soon as an option is eliminated, turn the box up to signal that it is ready to go. Every time you make a trip to the shoe room, take 1-2 boxes with you and put them away immediately, instead of leaving a pile near the shoe room entrance. If you do not have any shoes at your station to put away, keep an eye out for upturned boxes that you could grab on your way to the shoe room. The extra 20 seconds it takes to put the shoes away will ultimately save us all time and frustration later.
  4. BUY TIME BY BRINGING YOUR CUSTOMERS OTHER ITEMS TO LOOK AT. If you are feeling stressed about leaving your customers for too long, you can bring them a product, like a massage tool, to try out while you are gone. Draw on your knowledge that you have about that specific customer’s situation to provide recommendations that they could benefit from.

If we all follow these guidelines, we will work like a well-oiled, Landmark-Service-providing machine!

Transfers among the three BAM stores are still happening on Mondays and Thursdays, but they will occur before opening hours (6-9AM). Please keep this in mind for delivery of product for customers.

We will start to see customers coming in for this soon. If they complete at least three of the 5k routes by the end of January, they will receive a 5k medal and a raffle entry for a free pair of shoes. For each additional 5k route they do, they receive one extra raffle ticket!

Please keep a close eye out for the shiny silver stickers that mark seasonal styles and colors that are 30% off. On occasion, these stickers can fall off or items can be misplaced by customers, so familiarize yourself with the styles that are and are not part of the sale. If you aren’t sure how this is determined, ask one of your veteran teammates. 

Jan 15th-30th — 5k Run Tour
Feb 5th — RUNSLC 5k PPU at 700E
Feb 6th — RUNSLC 5k at Liberty Park
Feb 13th — PK Meeting

No one was mentioned specifically by name in reviews (besides “my guy”), but customers still had fantastic things to say about everyone. Here are some highlights of the reviews from this past week:

“My experience was pretty darn perfect, my guy did a great job, super friendly and knew his stuff. I’ll certainly be back.”

“Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable in their suggestions, despite the vague description of certain issues I was having with my current shoes and others that I had tried before. This is my first pair of high-end shoes I have used, and the product I purchased has definitely lived up to the price I paid. Once I run them into the ground I will definitely be back for more.”

“I love Salt Lake Running Company. They are very customer oriented and not elitist at all, very inclusive. Whether you are a novice runner or an elite marathoner they treat you the same and they give you customize service for your level.”

“I have been going to Salt Lake Running Company for about 20 years, so obviously I’m a loyal customer. Got help with plantar fasciitis last visit. New shoes, stretching and I’m good as new. Excellent service, dedicated staff.”


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