Shoe Review: Nike FlyKnit Trainer

By Mike “Mevans” Evans
The shoe guru.

Nike continues its tradition of product innovation with the recent introduction of the Nike FlyKnit Trainer. The main story behind Nike’s latest masterpiece is the material used in the upper of the shoe along with how the shoe is constructed.

The upper of the shoe consists of Nike’s revolutionary Flywire technology and a one-piece upper that is knit constructed. Flywire technology provides an ultra-lightweight feel while providing a customizable fit to each consumer. The knit constructed, one-piece upper is made of polyester yarns that provide high amounts of breathability, support, and stretch for the runner.

The second aspect of the FlyKnit shoe is method of construction to produce the shoe. Generally, shoe production can involve an extensive process that may require a shoe to go through 40 different hands before the end product is complete. The Nike FlyKnit Trainer aims to reduce the amount of hands required to produce a shoe through the use of manufacturing machines to create the finished product. This type of construction also greatly reduces the amount of material waste which leaves a smaller footprint on the environment.

The Nike FlyKnit trainer is a lightweight, cushioned trainer for the runner seeking a smooth, responsive ride. The FlyKnit trainer weighs a mere 7.8 ounces (men’s size 9) and is a unisex sized shoe, which is based on men’s sizing. Therefore, to determine the size for a woman would require adding 1.5 to the size on the box (i.e. size 7 on the box would be equivalent to a women’s size 8.5).

In closing, Nike limited the distribution of the FlyKnit Trainer and Salt Lake Running Company was one of the few, fortunate retailers in the United States to carry this product. The FlyKnit Trainer retails for $150 and is available only at Salt Lake Running Company located at 2454 S. 700 E. in Salt Lake City.


Yellow and Black Nike FlyKnit Trainer


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