Matching the right pair of shoes and insoles to your feet

Using technology to find the perfect fit

Stride analysis may sound like something they do at NASA, but in reality it’s a simple process that helps us match the right pair of running shoes and insoles to your feet. We do this free of charge because we honestly believe this results in you being a happier and healthier runner.

What we do

Every employee at the Salt Lake Running Co is specially trained to perform a stride analysis. It’s the only way can ensure our recommendations are true and accurate.

A staff member will record your feet as you run on a treadmill for several seconds. Then, we watch the video frame-by-frame and clearly explain what’s happening to your feet as you run. From there we make suggestions for specific running shoes and inserts to fit your mechanics perfectly. The whole process only takes a few minutes, but the results are noticeable.

Why it works

All of us have varying degrees of instability in our feet and shoes are designed with varying degrees of support. Stride analysis is the most effective way of matching the right support to ensure comfort and reduce the risk of injury.

Whether you’ve run 10 marathons or you’re just starting out, we want to make sure your shoes are right for you. No appointment is necessary, so come in, learn more and see how we do it.