Salt Lake Running Co Mural

Salt Lake Running Company invited local kids from the neighborhood of their store on 700 E and 2454 S, and a small group of local artists to create a mural on its north wall Saturday Aug 21, 2010.   This wall has been grey and blank for some time, Salt Lake Running Company wanted to do something special with it in the name of area beautification.

Dave Habben worked at Salt Lake Running Company back in the fall of 2009.  He was invited to spear head the project and gather up a small group of local artists who included Dan Christofferson, Chuck LandvatterTrent Call, Ben Wiemeyer, and Gailon Justus to help with the creation of the mural.  Outstanding work!

The kids did the prep work on the wall and had a great time.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

The Local Artists Dave Habben, Dan Christofferson, Chuck Landvatter, Trent Call, Ben WiemeyerGailon Justus

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