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  • Job Description

    Salt Lake Running Company, a top 50 running store, is looking for an experienced team player to assist in aligning our assets, building our brand, connecting with our customers, and moving the needle. This is critical position overseeing store management of a 20 year-old company. In order to achieve the listed objectives and requirements, the Sales Floor Manager must possess a “Can do” attitude and work with the Salt Lake Running Company team to find success. This person must a professional: efficient, organized, good communication skills, and comfortable with fast paced team working full time hours. Weekly schedule is dependent on time of year along with current scheduled events


    The Sale Floor Manager (SFM) plays a critical roll in the day-to-day success of the business. This person must be able to communicate well with others and delegate responsibilities in order to maintain a positive sense of team among the sales staff. The SFM is also responsible for making sure employees are trained and empowered appropriately and performing consistent customer service, both individually and collectively. He/She will need to ensure customer satisfaction even in difficult situations. The SFM will be responsible for managing merchandise on the sales floor, stocking of shelves, notifying buyers when inventories are out of balance or of missed sale opportunities.


  • Design, conduct, and/or implement monthly incentive contests
  • Train new employees using certification program
  • Aid Sales Dept Manager in all aspects of the Runner Certification Program
  • Delegate/empower employees with responsibility and hold them accountable
  • Embody a sense of teamwork and cohesiveness among the staff
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Enforcing sales protocols with staff members to ensure employee consistency
  • Defusing difficult customer situations
  • Alerting buyers of missed sales opportunities
  • Help facilitate transfers to and from each location
  • Store cleanliness – both inside and out
  • Footwear: Inventory management, product selection, merchandizing
  • Apparel: Merchandizing, training staff on product updates, utilize markdown process to maximize margins before liquidation, notify buyers of specific needs and/or “Dogs” in the apparel selection
  • Accessories: Merchandizing, training staff on product updates, ensure all product are represented on Sales Floor
  • Product is restocked on Sales Floor and back stock is replenished by Buyers
  • Make sure the store looks good with the product available
  • Use fixtures and signage to enhance the store appearance and aid customers in shopping
  • Be sure all back stock is brought to the sales floor and newly arrived product is arranged appropriately
  • Computer savvy and experienced with Word, Excel, and other common software.
  • Use problem solving capabilities to find solutions to problems that may arise
  • Manage cash box to ensure sufficient amounts for each type of tender for operating purposes


  • Hourly position, compensation depending on prior experience
  • 401K Matching Program (after 6 months with company)
  • Insurance Reimbursement
  • Paid Time Off

Contact: Guy Perry
Email: [email protected]
Address: 2454 S 700 E Salt Lake City UT, 84106
Phone: 801-484-9144