Runners For Boston Recap

April 15, 2013 is a day that not many runners will ever forget. The senseless bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed 3 people, and caused 264 casualties. At least 14 people required amputations as a result of the blasts, many people losing more than one limb. At the time of the bombings, runners, non-runners, etc scrambled to find out how they could help. Along with many other running stores across the country, we quickly threw together a free 5k fun run to give people the opportunity to show support and donate to the OneFundBoston.org. The response level was totally unexpected, to say the absolute least!

Within a few minutes of posting the event registration online, we had hundreds of people registered to run the 5k. Within a few hours, the event was full at 1000 people, with more people clamoring to get in. We were stunned by the community’s willingness to run, volunteer, donate, etc. It was so awesome to see! We have a few pictures from the event below, check them out.










In closing, we just want to say thank you for the immense support for the victims and their families of the Boston Marathon bombings.  Support wasn’t just local, we sent shirts all over the country! In total, we raised just under $22,000. We have sent the check to the One Fund Boston, and we hope the victims and their families benefit from the funds. Thank you, again, from the bottom of our hearts.


The Salt Lake Running Team





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