by Kim Frie

Why do I run? Here are 21 reasons why I run.

21. I run to exercise my dog.

20. I run so I can feel accomplished on the days I didn’t get anything else done.

19. I run because it is my job.

18.  I run because it helps me experience life.

17.  I run so I can get tan… and tan lines.

16. I run so I never have to say no to life and the spontaneity of it.

15. I run for Health.

14. I run so I can eat.

Why I Run - Ice Cream tastes better than kale.

13. I run because it is convenient.

12. Sometimes… I run because I am forced…

11. I run for alone time.

10. I run because it makes me feel beautiful.

9. I run so I can let everything go when I’m upset.

8. I run because I know I will regret it if I don’t….

7. I run for free therapy.

6. I run to stay active.

5. I run for happiness.

4. I run because of the community of friends.

3. I run to push myself and meet goals.

2. I run for fun.

1. I run because I choose to.

We all run for different reasons but I am sure that some of these will be familiar to most of you. If you are looking for a running buddy to give you another reason to run join us at our 700 East location on Thursdays for a fun group run together.

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